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Fabrico Oberto Wants To Get You Between The Sheets

Updated: February 12, 2010

Actually, Fabricio Oberto wants to get you between some “SHEEX,” which are really sheets … and you already have no clue what I’m talking about.

I usually don’t pay much attention to Oberto’s Twitter account, @obricio7. Most all of his Tweets are in Spanish. He often shares links to songs on YouTube, or links to professional photography, or throws out a “hehehe” (which is probably the Argentine version of “LOL”), or occasionally links to his U-Stream account where he’s doing God knows what — Don’t worry, he’s not on some Stephon Marbury-type stuff. Fab mostly just listens to music, as he is a huge music nut. At least that’s what he appears to be doing.

Like I said, I don’t pay much attention to Oberto’s Twitter. My efforts to learn Spanish got tossed out the door almost two years ago when I broke up with a girl I was dating from Argentina. But I do follow and I am aware. And that brings us back to the sheets Oberto wants to get you in between.

Oberto recently Tweeted: “great sheex!! 10% off, use= foberto21” and included a link to Sheex.com.

Upon further review, Sheex are bed sheets, actually, “performance” bed sheets … use your imagination as to whatever that means.  They are the equivalent of Under Armour, or Adidas ClimaLite, or Nike Dri-Fit, but in sheet form. In fact, the Sheex website touts some sort of “Sleep-Fit” technology. If you get bed sweats, these things will ventilate all that perspiration right off of you. So in a sense, “Less-Gross” technology. But that’s not all …

Among several claimed “features,” the Sheex website leads with this:

Athletes know – Better Sleep leads to Better Performance. That’s why we have created Sheex, the world’s first luxury performance bed sheets. Sheex were inspired by the finest professional-quality athletic fabrics, offering a superior level of comfort and performance to help you sleep better.

Luxury you say? Dr. Richard Laverne would be quite intrigued.

All of this sounds somewhat plausible. But at just under $300 for a king set, I’m not about to find out, even with Oberto’s 10% discount. But rest assured, out of all the sheets Fabricio owns, Sheex are his favorite … the picture above from the Sheex website learns you that.

To conclude, this musical selection would be appropriate:

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