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Ernie Grunfeld on Arenas: “We’re not going to void his contract.”

Updated: March 27, 2010

{Ernie Grunfeld in his playing days as a Knick}

Wizards president of basketball operations Ernie Grunfeld spoke for just under 20 minutes prior to tonight’s game against the Utah Jazz. The obvious topic, Gilbert Arenas. And one of the main questions surrounding the embattled guard has been asked and answered.

Grunfeld has previously said that he would welcome Arenas back to the Wizards and that if he wants to play basketball, he will be with the team. Tonight he reaffirmed that by saying, “Gilbert’s part of this organization, he’s part of our team and he’s going to be with us next year. We plan to have him back and we plan to have him in uniform.”

When I specifically asked if that meant that in no way will the team try to void Arenas’ contact, Grunfeld said, “We’re not going to void his contract and I’ve said all along, he’s going to be with us. And I think I’ve said that for the last two months.”

Grunfeld still hasn’t spoken directly with Arenas, but said that he has spoken with his father, Gilbert Arenas, Sr., and his representatives. Grunfeld said that in the near future he expects to sit down and have a meeting with Arenas.

Of course, none of this definitely means that Arenas will be in a Wizards uniform next season. There is the unlikely chance that the team might find a trading partner. However, the possibility that Arenas will play on the court of the Verizon Center again is now stronger than ever, especially with any consideration to void his contract off the table.

  • jackofarcades

    If it’s actually possible to void Arenas’s contract, not voiding it is probably the biggest mistake I’ve ever seen a team make.