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Is Gilbert Arenas Freaking Out or Shrugging His Shoulders?

Updated: March 2, 2010

I wanted to title this post, “Gilbert Arenas says he’d have ‘no problem’ playing for the Washington Wizards again,” which is the first line of the AP story (well, it’s really a blurb), that surfaced about Arenas this afternoon.

The title of the AP story? Well, that depends on if you go to Google News or ESPN.

“Arenas shrugs off sentencing nerves,” says one.

“Arenas not nervous about sentence,” says the other.

Ah, same ol’ Gil … or at least the one who is often portrayed in the media. Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky. Agent Alfred E. Neuman.

“What, me worry?”

Kinda sounds like the same Gilbert who got Gilbert in trouble. Guns in the locker room? Whatevs. I got finger guns on the court from Memphis to Philadelphia.

What else did Arenas say in his first “interview” since January? The AP’s Joseph White relays that Arenas is not nervous … “as long as the judge goes off the ‘real story’ of what happened when he brought guns to the team’s locker room in December.”

Hmmm. Is there a “real story” yet to come out? Or will the judge be going off what was told in court when Arenas plead guilty to a felony charge.

If the Proffer of Facts, which states that Arenas brought a .500 magnum to the Verizon Center on December 21st after his December 19th dispute with Javaris Crittenton, is anything like the supposed “real story” that’s in the hands of the judge, then I’d hardly call it a shoulder-shrugging, “meh” offense.

The 125-word AP blurb leaves us yearning for more. That Arenas was interviewed while handing out used fur coats to the homeless for PETA is enough comedy gold as-is. But the details, the location, the setting, etc., are so vague, we’re left to our own imagination as to the true demeanor behind Arenas’ few words … while knowing that even if described in more detail, the story is still weaved in the direction of the author’s eyes.

Arenas could be lacking nerves because of apathy, or because the situation is simply out of his control. Who knows.

In either case, Arenas’ attitude would seemingly contrast the accusations of “Player X”, the unknown NBA star who claims word around the league is that Gilbert is “at home freaking out, calling the NBA every five minutes to fix things, afraid it all might disappear.”

Not quite believable. Why freak out? … (at this point — of course we don’t exactly know the timetable of “Player X”, but his first covert juicy NBA details column comes out in this month’s edition of ESPN The Magazine)

What more can the NBA do to Arenas? David Stern certainly isn’t going to punish him for the same crime twice. The accusations of Player X don’t make sense.

Then again, what does make sense? It certainly doesn’t make sense that I’m trying to make sense of a 125-word Gilbert Arenas interview.

Previously, if I were to see a homeless person in a fur coat, I’d think, “That doesn’t make sense.” But next time I do, all will be clear.

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