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JaVale McGee Is A Fish Out of Water: A Link Run-Down

Updated: March 9, 2010

Washington fans are used to seeing JaVale McGee do a Presidential salute after dunks, a celebratory tradition that originated when President Barack Obama came to see his hometown Chicago Bulls play, and lose, to the Wizards at the Verizon Center on February 27, 2009.

On Sunday against the Celtics, McGee unveiled a new dunk celebration …

The Fish Out of Water.

Now if he could just stop behaving like a fresh fish.

On to your links

Michael Lee has a feature in today’s Washington Post about Nick Young. Lee says that Young might be, “slowly drifting into irrelevance.” But my favorite part, which could also be the most unfortunate part, is that Nick says his teammates are telling him, “You just got to play your game.” I sure hope that Young pulls out of his slump, for his sake and for the sake of the team (especially since the Wizards extended his contract this past summer), but Nick playing “his” game is probably why he’s in the current situation in the first place.

Ted Leonsis continues to proclaim that he will own the Wizards.
[DC Sports Bog]

When that does happen, I wonder if Leonsis will write about/tout the Wizards on his blog as much as he does the Capitals.

Danny Snyder’s top 10 off-season champs.
[Mr. Irrelevant]

Gabriel A. Feldman, a sports law professor at Tulane and contributor to the Sports Law Blog, writes an interesting piece in the Huffington Post about the possibility of the Wizards trying to void Gilbert Arenas‘ contract. It’s worth the read, but still renders you relatively inconclusive on what could happen.’s David Aldridge, in a massive run-down where he weighs in on the Bill Simmons-Tiger Woods-Muhammad Ali conversation among other things, catches up with Shaun Livingston. []

JaVale McGee and Clinton Portis party at the Park at 14th, they showed up separately.
[DC Fab]

DeShawn Stevenson is doing DeShawn Stevenson things … whatever that means.

One would be wearing repping Jason Terry’s number while he is out.
[Ball Don’t Lie]

Another would be playing ping-pong in a cardigan.
[The Two Man Game]

Antawn Jamison talks to Hoops Addict, says he’d clean all of his teammates’ houses to win a ring.
[Hoops Addict]

Questioning recent praise of Antawn Jamison’s defense.
[202 Sports Blog]

Checking in on the Turkish Basketball League where our boy Emir Preldzic plays. Ricky Davis recently joined the league … and now, Tyler Smith.
[Ball In Europe]

John Krolik has a quick, well-written piece on stats and the use of them.
[Pro Basketball Talk]

A Kindergarten student was suspended for making a finger gun at a fellow student. Really?

Music: A Few Words On Drake.
[Not A Blogger]

{Words from the Boston game}

[Craig Stouffer – Washington Examiner]

There’s no sense in faulting the effort. The Wizards led for three full quarters and made the Celtics look like a team that is far from contending for the Eastern Conference title. But the responsibility for the defeat falls on the starters themselves, who reverted back to their worst traits over the final stretch.

[Mike Prada – Bullets Forever]

Foye shot 3-14, but that obscured just how bad he was last night.  Down the stretch, when the Wizards needed to get organized and run clean sets, Foye couldn’t do it and we couldn’t run our offense.  The problem with Foye is the same problem he’s had throughout his NBA career: he likes to survey and dribble time off the shot clock like he’s Kobe Bryant or Dwyane Wade.  That’s how he played at Villanova, and that’s how he played in Minnesota when there was literally nobody else to score.

[Kelly Dwyer – Ball Don’t Lie]

Al Thornton? You made two very nice moves (and several very good moves) on Pierce. Crossed him over and scored on a flip shot, very nice, then nailed a jumper in his face. You don’t get to talk trash to Paul Pierce, though, because you’re Al Thornton, and the Clippers didn’t even want you.

[Michael Lee – Wizards Insider]

Pierce’s pride then started to kick in in the fourth quarter, as he repeated fronted Thornton to keep him from receiving the ball and held him to two points. “He played some pretty good defense a the end. They are a great defensive team. They did a good job,” Thornton said. “But we wasn’t poised down the stretch at all. We wasn’t calm. We didn’t get ourselves in our offense.”

[Zach Harper – Hardwood Paroxysm]

Al Thornton and Andray Blatche almost single-handedly beat the Boston Celtics on Sunday by becoming this two-headed monster of a forward tandem. They helped inspire JaVale McGee to get to the line and block a handful of shots. Most of all, they combined for 47 points, 20 rebounds and four steals. They seemingly took turns terrorizing the old guys on Boston throughout the game. I would like to see this monster more often. In fact, I’d like to see this monster so much and so consistently that the Wizards have no choice to build around it. And I want that to end up being a good decision.

[Brendan Jackson – Celtics Hub]

For three and a half quarters the Celtics seemed set on laying one of the biggest eggs of the season.  They shot terribly, got out hustled, and flat out talented by guys with less talent.  Al Thornton played like a man on a mission tonight.  Flip Saunders is known for being an offensive minded coach, and he seems to be getting every last bit of offensive capability out of the cards he’s been dealt.

[Jimmy Toscano – Celtics Blog]

Down 13 points, Rivers spent the timeout getting on his team about stepping up the defense and not putting up poor shots. They responded with the type of basketball that fans have expected to see out of them for 48 minutes, and not six.

“I said ‘we have to be perfect from this point on defensively, we have plenty of time’. We really didn’t but you have to get them not to start thinking hero shots. That was my whole purpose offensively is let’s get stops, look for twos, not threes, and just play solid basketball.”

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