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Under The Hoop: Wizards Game 69 vs. The Charlotte Bobcats

Updated: March 27, 2010

[Editor’s Note: Wizards games aren’t just about basketball, they’re about the whole fan experience. And Truth About It.nets bring you that experience from up close. Here’s the debut edition of ‘Under The Hoop’ — pictures and commentary by TAI photographer Adam Douglas from last Tuesday’s match-up against the Charlotte Bobcats.]

Andray Blatche, Washington Wizards, NBA

7-Day Dray decided to play only seven minutes because he did not hustle back on defense after this shot.

JaVale McGree, Boris Diaw, Washington Wizards

“Who You Got?”

Greivis Vasquez, Maryland, courtside, NBA, Washington Wizards

The ACC MVP, Maryland Terps star baller Greivis Vasquez had court side seats and was a crowd favorite.

Andray Blatche,

Here is Andray highly involved in the strategic planning during a time out.

Before the game, about 40 grade school children in “Blatche’s Bunch” t-shirts watched Blatche during shoot-around; the group sat in the Upper Deck for the contest. Yo Dray, way to follow up your good deeds for children by embarrassing yourself in front of them.

Flip Saunders, JaVale McGee

If only Dray would’ve allowed Flip Saunders to coach him, like JaVale McGee is doing here, the whole benching event never would have escalated.

Big Daddy Wookie struggling to post up down low.

Washington Wizards, Little Girl, Cute Fan

This cute fan sat in the front with her brother and parents. She and her brother were yelling for Blatche to get in the game.

Life as a Gee, Alonzo Gee, Washington Wizards, Charlotte Bobcast

Alonzo, “Life as a Gee”, nailed a corner three ball as first period buzzer went off.

Burrito Dash, Washington Wizards, Verizon Center G-Man

The loudest ovation of a Wizards game usually occurs when free food, or pretty much free anything, is involved. People love them some Chipolte.

Washington Wizards, NBA, Referee, Burrito, Fan

Here’s an NBA ref getting in on the burrito giving … but they better not give any tips to the ball boys. That’s now been banned by the league.

Obrierto, SIngleton, Washington Wizards

Fab and Big Game James lock arms to form a formidable double screen.

Robert Johnson, NBA, Washington Wizards, Charlotte Bobcats

BET founder and gazillionaire, Robert Johnson rolled by at halftime.

Johnson just sold the Bobcats to Michael Jordan and made sure to bash the city of Charlotte on his way out the door.

Mike Miller, Theo Ratliff, Washington Wizards, Bobcats

The old vet Theo Ratliff is still in the league, and even starts. He’ll be 37 in April.

Al Thornton, Gerald Wallace, Washington Wizards, Charlotte Bobcats

The game was tied with eight seconds left and Charlotte was preparing to in-bounds the ball. Al Thornton and Gerald Wallace had some beef.

Big Country Al seemed ready to throw down, but the ref kept telling both players that this is not way to decide a game. Cooler heads prevailed but jury is still out on what Wallace did to irritate Al.

Washington Wizards Dance Team, Wizard Girls

Fans love to pose for pictures with the Wizards Girls.

Stephen Jackson, Charlotte Bobcats, SJax, NBA, Referee, Washington Wizards

True conversation.

S-Jax: “Where was the foul on that one?”

Ref: “Sorry Stephen, I missed it.”

S-Jax: “Shit man, do you know how many times you told me that today?”

Luke Russert, NBC, MSNBC, Washington Wizards, fan

Luke Russert, the man GE/NBC/MSNBC decided represents the youth in America on TV. It must be the wicked belt-cell phone clip combo. Luke was chatting up a hot redhead Wizard dance girl. Play on Playa.

Tyrus Thomas, Dunk, Washington Post

Tyrus Thomas throwing it down.

Greivis Vasquez, Maryland, Washington Wizards, NBA, courtside

Wallace might have been the best player on the court but Greivis was the one almost every fan in the arena wanted to meet.

Washington Wizards, Chic-fil-a, free sandwich, missed free throws

If an opposing player misses both of their foul shots on a trip to the line, the whole crowd gets a free sandy. Yes, this also elicits a huge ovation.

Larry Brown, Tony Kornheiser, Washington Wizards, Charlotte Bobcats, Pregame

Famous Wizards and Arenas hater, Tony Kornheiser, chats up Bobcats coach Larry Brown before the game. Per usual, Kornhieser departed before the game started because, well, he isn’t a true D.C. sports fan.

Gerald Wallace, Greivis Vasquez, Washington Wizards, NBA, Charlotte Bobcats

Gerald Wallace never smiles, ever.

Kiss Cam, Washington Wizards, Verizon Center

The Kiss Cam is always a popular segment at Wizards games. This pair was all “Hell No” when being publicly pressured to smooch.

Mike Miller, Injury, Washington Wizards, NBA, Charlotte Bobcats

Mike Miller, aka, “Mr. Glass”, slightly rolls his ankle and made quite a display of discomfort. Oh, he was back in the court less than five minutes after this picture.

Greivis Vasquez, Maryland, NBA, Washington Wizards, DC

Greivis was interviewed and was extremely well spoken. The crowd erupted after he thanked everyone for their support and proclaimed, “I love all of you.”

Randy Wittman, Washington Wizards, NBA, Coach,

Flip’s right hand man is assistant coach Randy Wittman. Coach Wittman is constantly yelling throughout the game and often displays his Bobby Knight Indiana pedigree. Personally, he reminds me more of the chair throwing Knight persona.

Larry Hughes, Zero, Charlotte Bobcats, NBA, Washington Wizards

In honor of his boy Glibert Arenas, Larry Hughes wears zero.

G Man, T shirt, Washington Wizards, NBA

G-Man loads up his t-shirt launcher. So someone at the Verizon Center usually has ammo.

Borris Diaw, Charlotte Bobcats, NBA, Washington Wizards, Referee

Boris Diaw was complaining about calls, the ref warned to’ T’ him up.

Earl Boykins. D.J. Augustine, Washington Wizards, Charlotte Bobcats, NBA

It is hard to not root for the two little guys.

Al Thornton, NBA, Washington Wizards

Wizards were down three with 11 seconds remaining when Al Thornton took an off-balance step back three…..

Al Thornton, Washington Wizards, NBA, Charlotte Bobcats

Cash money, tie game, and Randy Foye loves the finger cheer.

NBA, Washington Wizards, Verizon Center, Cheerleaders

The NBA under the hoop is fantastic.

Greivis Vasquez, Washington Wizards, NBA, Verizon Center, Wizard Girl

Latino Big Pimpin’.

Flip Saunders, Washington Wizards, Press Conference

My first post game NBA press conference was a memorable one as Flip flipped out over Blatche’s pouting act.

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