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Video: Mike Miller Talks About Giving Up His Number For Gilbert

Updated: March 12, 2010

As the Post’s Michael Lee reported before the game, Gilbert Arenas has filed paper work to change his jersey number from #0 to #6, and the NBA has given its approval.

What does it all mean? The death of Agent Zero? The birth of Agent Six? With Gilbert, who knows. What we do know is that a current Washington Wizard wears #6, and that would be Mike Miller, who probably had to file paper work himself.

Miller was asked about the number change after the game. {more below the jump}

Although this move achieved a certain level of knowledge by late Friday in the least, the February 26 deadline to submit paper work to the NBA (also exactly a month prior to Gilbert Arenas’ sentencing date), there are whispers that Arenas’ intentions have been known for longer.

Miller likely would have taken #33 in the first place had Brendan Haywood not been around. He wore #33 in Memphis and in Minnesota, but #50 when he started in the NBA with Orlando. Grant Hill was #33 then. Miller sported #13 when he played for the Florida Gators.

But why #6 for Gil? Some have pointed to the fact that Gilbert was born on January 6th, which was also the day he was suspended prior to a game in Cleveland against LeBron, who, by the way, has also filed paper work to change his jersey to #6.

At the time, Michael Lee Tweeted (via SB Nation):

“Surprised few focusing on real story w/LeBron changing #s from 23 to 6: If he plans to change teams, he wouldn’t have to make request w/NBA.”

Part of me wonders if LeBron’s proclamations of being to Michael Jordan as Andray Blatche is to Kevin Garnett is all about the pomp and circumstance. Others have claimed it’s about the money. Not exactly. It’s about the attention.

Even if there’s truth to some of the other assumptions, LeBron is easy to read. Gilbert Arenas isn’t. His representation could be about the day of his incarceration, which also could mean yet another number change in the future. Because in basketball imprisonment you do two days, the day you go in and the day you go out, whatever date that may be.

Maybe Gilbert wants to one up LeBron and make a bigger splash. Maybe he wants to honor Bill Russell and play some defense for a change. Maybe he wants to wear six to honor Antonio Daniels or Buddy O’Grady or Mike Riordan or Johnny Ezersky or Paul Gordon or Buddy Jeannette or Red Rocha or Don Barksdale, all members of the franchise who have donned numero seis. Maybe Gil read the theory on LeBron and wants to prove he doesn’t want to change teams. Maybe was a fan of that show Blossom.

Whatever the reasons for Agent 006 or whatever we will eventually be calling the unavoidably charismatic Arenas, it’s all a prelude to a comeback, a set-up for there to be a tale behind his return to the court. Gilbert wouldn’t have it any other way.

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