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When Mike Miller Made Vegas Happy or Sad

Updated: March 13, 2010

[Mike Miller’s final shot versus the Atlanta Hawks, March 11, 2010]

Your average gambling addict is probably keeping track of every game on every night, including a Wizards game. But last Thursday against the Hawks, even the most casual sports gambler was probably paying attention to the Wiz.

Even though there was a full slate of college basketball conference tournament action that night, there were only three NBA games on the schedule … the Bulls at Magic and the Warriors at the Blazers in addition to the Hawks at Wizards, which was a snow make-up game.

Heading into the night, Atlanta was favored by seven points. And with time running out in the fourth quarter, it looked like the Hawks were going to cover. Up 104-97, Marvin Williams was fouled by Mike Miller with nine seconds left. At this point, the clock could have run out, causing a push. And at this point, someone was probably thanking Miller for the foul, possibly allowing Atlanta to cover the spread.

Free-throw #1 … a miss. Free-throw #2 … a make. Hawks up eight, 105-97.

You have to figure that most people bet on the Hawks to cover. So all those controlled by Gamblor, the god of gambling, needed was for the Wizards to miss, or just not shoot at all. See how exciting gambling makes the most mundane of games?

And a miss is what he or she got when Randy Foye fired a three-pointer with three seconds left in the game … Success!!

Not so fast. Miller, who was probably just being praised for his free-throw allowing foul, got the rebound off Foye’s miss and put the ball in the basket right before the buzzer sounded, making the final margin six points, 105-99 Hawks.

Those who bet Washington to cover celebrated their success thanks to a meaningless bucket by White Mike Miller. The others left cursing the fact that they were seconds away from the money. This, kids, is why you shouldn’t gamble.

{Catch and release … your gambling losses.}

[Photo credits: Adam Douglas – Truth About It.net]

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