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Andray Blatche Bids The Wizards 09-10 Season Adieu (and some links)

Updated: April 20, 2010

Pictures of people at the club flipping the camera off seems to be popular these days, especially among athletes. And this picture of Andray Blatche at his season ending party last Wednesday at District in Adam’s Morgan is wrought with symbolic opportunity.

For one, he appears to be brushing (or hiding) his teeth with that middle-finger of his — any 23-year old will tell you that having braces at that age, as Blatche does, isn’t exactly ideal.

Or maybe the finger is in front of Dray’s mouth as a silencer on what he has said or will say.

Or perhaps Dray is just expressing toward the Wizards’ 2009-10 season in its entirety what I’ve done mentally several times before … bidding it a fond farewell.

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Andray Blatche 2009-10 Wizards Exit Interview:

Blatche for MIP?

Michael Katz of NBA FanHouse has a profile of Andray Blatche‘s improved play since he gained more playing time resulting from the Wizards’ salary cleansing at the trade deadline.

Blatche’s improved play is just one step of a true growing up process. Talk of him getting the NBA’s Most Improved Player award is a bit of a stretch, especially since the day the team handed out a flier touting his MIP qualifications, Blatche benched himself by ignoring his coach.

Maybe Dray should just be happy that he got more of chance to prove himself in the first place and use his idolatry of personal achievement awards to drive himself to work even harder this summer, especially in the ‘gaining strength so as to not get pushed around so much’ department.

Andray Blatche politicks for MIP after the Wizards lose for the 55th time against the Atlanta Hawks:

Also see … Chris Miller: Who Is The Real Andray Blatche? – CSN Washington

Now that he’s in Dallas, DeShawn Stevenson’s Abe Lincoln neck tattoo is talking:

[via With Leather; H/T to @dcsportsbog]

The Italians want Earl Boykins.

According to HoopsNotes, which got the info from The Hoops Market, which got the info from the Italian site, Pianeta Basket, Lottomatica Virtus Roma might want to bring Earl Boykins back to the Italian A-League. Boykins previously played for La Fortezza Bologna of the Italian league, which has a regular season that runs through the middle of May.

More Links:

Washington Post: Michael Lee profiles the Pollin family as they prepare to transfer full ownership of the Washington Wizards to Ted Leonsis.

Note: The use of the phrase “will likely sell” in the story’s title likely isn’t garnering admiration from Wizards fans. They’d likely be more comfortable with the phrase “better sell.”

CSN Washington: Although Flip Saunders refused to hand out grades to himself or others in his season ending press conference, Mike Jones does, and begins by grading the Wizards’ guards.

Note: I do have somewhat of an issue with giving Randy Foye a ‘B-minus’. I’d give him a ‘C-plus’.

Jones writes, “But he could’ve probably helped himself had he just said ‘Screw it, I’m just going to attack’ and played as an aggressive scoring point rather than thinking too much,” which certainly seems like an accurate possibility.

However, the problem with Foye’s game is that he’s a poor finisher inside the paint, nor does he have much ability to turn the corner and get past defenders off the dribble. Sure, Foye was partly a victim of circumstance, but the fact is that although he’s talented, he doesn’t bring a lot in any specific area to make up for his short-comings. And that’s why he likely won’t be with the Wizards next season. But he seems like a good guy, so good luck to him otherwise.

Bullets Forever: Mike Prada wonders if any NBA team had a worse season than the Wizards.

Note: The obvious answer is no, and that’s why Prada only offers the chance to vote for the second worst season between the Warriors, Nets, Pistons, 76ers and Timberwolves.

This is a tough one. Throw out the Nets and Timberwolves, neither team was expected to be good in the first place. And although the Warriors ownership is a mess and Don Nelson is a couple scotches away from coaching in sweat pants, at least they have Stephen Curry (and Monta Ellis). So it’s between the 76ers, who had playoff expectations before the season, and the Pistons, who tragically overpaid Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva last Summer. I really can’t call it. Maybe Andray and this young lady can …

Also, Steve Francis still like to party.

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And finally

Alex Ovechkin and Nick Backstrom shoot some hoops on the Wizards’ practice court after a playoff hockey game:

Read more at the DC Sports Bog

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