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Gilbert Arenas Readies Himself For Bunk Beds and 19-Inch TVs

Updated: April 6, 2010

>> No Perks Await Arenas at Halfway House

“Each room sleeps two people, and there is one bathroom for every two rooms,” said unit supervisor Pat Braun. “He will have a locker and bureau for his things. Each room has a desk. You have to bring your own TV. There’s only one to a room, and it can’t be bigger than 19 inches.”

But if Arenas wants to watch the NBA on TNT, he’ll have to venture out of his room, which won’t have cable.

via Agent Zero Privacy | NBC Washington, by Chris Gordon

Here’s what I’m thinking. Gilbert will have the other residents of this facility eating out of his hands in no time. He’s a people person, he can’t help himself. Hopefully he’ll be able to help those he meets as much as he should be helping himself. Also bet that he’ll be fueling his competitive fire at the ping-pong table and on the basketball court.

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  • dr john

    No bunk!

    Maybe a little bonking around midnite.

    In the bunk bed.

    Dr John
    CarSanook (dot com)