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To Foul or Not To Foul: What The Washington Wizards Would Do

Updated: April 6, 2010

Eight seconds left in the game. Your team is up three points, having just hit two free-throws making the score 90-87. Your opponent must go the length of the court, i.e., no timeouts left in the NBA or a regular made basket scenario in college.

Do you foul and put your opponent on the line for two-free throws (no fouls to give/in double-bonus)?

Or do you play straight-up defense, allowing the other team a chance to tie the game with a three?

Opponent can be a factor, and that did come up when I posed this basketball strategy question to several Wizards before Sunday’s Nets game: Mike Miller, Quinton Ross, Cedric Jackson, James Singleton, Al Thornton, Randy Foye, Cartier Martin and JaVale McGee. Here’s what they had to say:

For the record:

  • Miller definitely fouls.
  • Jackson probably fouls.
  • Ross doesn’t foul.
  • Singleton fouls, but wonders about the opponent, then reiterates foul … but his final verdict is that he wants to play defense.
  • Thornton said it depends on the opponent, probably fouls if playing the Lakers or Cavs, otherwise wants to play tough defense.
  • Foye fouls.
  • Martin talks foul.
  • McGee fouls at first, but then chooses to let the other team shoot, even against Kobe or LeBron.

Counting the tally, four players would foul, three want to play defense, and one, Thornton, is kinda caught in the middle.

What do you say?

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