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Under The Hoop: Wizards Game 75 vs. The Chicago Bulls

Updated: April 5, 2010

[Editor’s Note: Truth About It.net photographer Adam Douglas brings another edition of “Under The Hoop” — because Wizards games aren’t just about basketball, they’re about the whole fan experience, and Adam brings you that experience from up close with pictures and commentary. The below post is from last Friday’s game against the Chicago Bulls.]

The Washington Wizards honored former Bullet great Phil Chenier for his 25 years covering the team as a television color analyst before the game. Chenier was presented a jersey, a silver microphone statue and a trip to the Caribbean.

Former Bullets/Wizards coach, and current Bulls assistant, Bernie Bickerstaff and Chenier.

The Wizards struggled to check Derrick Rose all night. In the first half, Rose received an in-bounds pass after a made Wizards basket, took a couple dribbles and was already be at the other rim. His combination of speed, power and in-the-air athletic ability were just jaw dropping. D-Rose is a simply, a very special basketball player.

Actor Jimmy Smits filmed scenes for his NBC legal drama pilot “Justice”, during the first half of the game.

Big Daddy Wookie throws down a two-handed flush.

Before the game I overheard Vinny Del Negro tell Rose that he thought he was going to have a good game. I appreciate the coach’s positive motivational thinking, but considering Rose is an All-Star and the Wizards are severely undermanned, I don’t know how far out on a limb that prediction was.

{The Cartier Affair}

The D-Leaguers went from riding coach flights in Des Moines to buying Popeye’s chicken in Washington, DC with $106 NBA per diem money — so consider it an upgrade. In the game, Cartier Martin showcased his ability to knock down open threes and slash to the hoop. He finished with eight points and five rebounds in 15 minutes off the bench.

Proving the Cougar phenomenon knows no bounds, this lovely Trans-Am cougar started to pull her shirt up when her moves were featured on the Jumbo-Tron Dance Cam.

Andray Blatche has been a NBA fantasy stud over the past few months.

NBA ref Joey Crawford was “Kung-Fu Fighting” …

One of my favorite parts of pre-game shoot-around is watching Sam Cassell interact with people. The guy knows everyone and is always making funny jokes to coaches or players from the opposing team. Sam was cracking up former teammate, and current Bulls player development assistant, Lindsey Hunter.

Another Vanilla Power Midwestern face-off between Kirk Hinrich of Sioux City, Iowa and Mike Miller of Mitchell, South Dakota. Hinrich seems to have similar injury reactions as Mr. Glass.

James Singleton absolutely slapped a Bulls player across arm but still wants the ref to look at something on the video replay.

This awesome die-hard Wizards fan in the Blatche jersey made life miserable for Bulls players with his constant heckling from the second row behind the hoop. It was enjoyable to see fans actually care, and his takes were highly educated/entertaining.

My favorite ones included: telling Joakim Noah his hair was as ugly as his jump shot, calling Derrick Rose an SAT cheater that ruined Memphis basketball, and screaming, “Billy Donovan hates you,” to Noah as he shot a free-throw. This comment made Mike Miller chuckle to which the fan responded, “Don’t worry Mike Miller, Billy Donovan loves you.”

An insightful Wizards videographer commented to me how surreal it is to see Abe Pollin’s owner’s box (suite 101) empty.

Mike Miller might’ve earned a fan for life when he tossed his wrist bands to the kid on the left after the game.

Shaun Livingston and Luol Deng was almost teammates at Duke, had Livingston not skipped college to enter the NBA draft out of high school, and had Deng not left after one year as a Blue Devil.

Joakim Noah was a kiss cam victim.

The man who signed up to take Washington Wizards fans out of their doldrums … soon to be new owner, Mr. Ted Leonsis.

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