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Wizards and Hawks, A Pictorial of Just Another Game

Updated: April 13, 2010

Ok, so the Wizards blew a game against the Knicks tonight. Maybe Earl Boykins and Fabricio Oberto have played their last road game in the NBA … come bid them farewell at home on Wednesday. But really, what’s fun about writing about a game in which I couldn’t quite force myself to root for the Knicks (or against the Wizards), but don’t mind that they won, keeping Washington’s futile draft lottery hopes drinking from a glass slightly more than half full?

So, in lieu of writing about Andray Blatche putting up good numbers while kinda, sorta trying, I present a photo-blog from last Saturday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks. For that game, I changed places with Adam Douglas, the TAI site photographer since the last time the Wizards faced the Hawks in D.C., and sat baseline to capture the game from up close. Here that goes…

JaVale McGee no hands ball kiss.

Mike Miller grabbed and coughed, but forgot to turn his head.

Nick Young putting in work.

Young skies for a J.

Fab Oberto draws a charge from teammate Nick Young (with the help of a shove from Al Horford)

JaVale McGee is making bird noises.

Hey man, you can call me Al.

I left this “interesting” shot attempt by JaVale McGee out of the previous post.

Fan Man tries to make the Chipotle Burrito give-away even more appetizing by licking his lips while handing them out.

Directing Traffic.

Dudes be holding (Josh Smith).

Not sure what Andray was trying here, but it looks cool …

Mike Miller, just hangin’

Randy Wittman’s job is assistant coaching enforcer, meaning he yells at the refs a lot and stuff. Don Zierden (another assistant coach) is all like, “Yea, what he said!” Sam Cassell is quiet for a change.

Josh Smith will throw anything up.

Does anyone see the ball coming?

What happened over there?

Al Horford baby hooks over Fab Oberto.


Jamal Crawford doing Jamal Crawford things … whatever that means.

Kick Ball.

Seems like JaVale McGee is walking around on defense.

JaVale pleads his case.

Slap hands.

The Plight of Dray.

Greivis Vasquez gets grabby.

No one in history can tell you what’s going on in this picture.

Just call me, 7-Day-Dray.

The Malcontent Josh Smith…

… Likes to get grabby.

Shaun Livingston fouls Jamal Crawford.

Hands in the air.

80s hairdos just made it to Georgian  (the country) NBA players.


Little known fact*: 78% of NBA coaches chew on markers, it gets them ready for play-calling

[* not actually a little known fact]

Flip looks to the basketball gods.

Behind the block.

Weary 7-Day.

The Thinker.

Stand Off.

The Watcher.

G-Man Toss.

There goes the headband.

One Love.

A Slide Show

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