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Don’t Forget That Carmelo Anthony Is A Celebrity Too.

Updated: May 29, 2010

While Dwyane Wade is living it up on South Beach, probably wondering like Shaq and Bubs how the Heat managed to win that ’06 title while they were all partying their STDs off

While LeBron is trying to determine which city will most make him a global icon (for the record, it’s NYC #1, Brooklyn #2 and D.C. #3) …

While Chris Bosh is wondering if those first two will be apart of his ‘Hey look at me!’ YouTube campaign

While Joe Johnson is dribbling around at age 30, preparing to be the pre-1999 Susan Lucci of free-agency …

Don’t forget, Carmelo Anthony is a celebrity too. Just because he won’t be a free-agent until summer ‘011, don’t you dare forget. And guys, can’t he at least come and hang out with the Quartet Council Meeting of Big Free Agents (not including Dirk Nowitzki)?

Sure, there’s the deal about Melo getting married to that La La Vasquez lady (how ‘He Got Game’!), who once kinda/sorta/maybe/likely didn’t refuse to pick him up after he got a DUI. Oh, and this summer the whole wedding planning, et cetera, chi-bang will be televised on VH-1.

But what about when Carmelo and Johnny Weir (the Olympic figure skater guy) kicked it together as judges for the Miss America pageant? Yea, you didn’t see that, did you? Well, they did.

So don’t forget. Partially because he de-braided and mello’ed out his act, Anthony is still a celebrity; and partially because he’s putting himself out there. He likes the spotlight.

So screw this wanting LeBron in D.C. stuff. Carmelo won an NCAA championship (Georgetown fans forgive him) by smiling his way up and down the court for Syracuse — while LeBron has lost by playing the crying game.

Anthony can be a celebrity with Alex Ovechkin in Washington and possibly as big as Cal Ripken in Baltimore (the stop snitchin’/Hamsterdam version), teaming up with John Wall, Andray Blatche, and maybe/hopefully Gilbert Arenas to bring a title(s) to the DMV. La La can be closer to New York, Carmelo closer to home. Everybody wins.

Just sayin’.

For the hell of it, a video of Bubs.

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