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It’s just one LeBron to the Wizards scenario, don’t think anything of it.

Updated: May 18, 2010

John Wall is the Summer’s big move according to Bethlehem Shoals of NBA FanHouse. I agree … potentially.

If you eat and breathe the Washington Wizards as much as I do, you’ve considered the slim chance of crazy scenarios like the Wizards getting John Wall (via winning the draft lottery) followed by LeBron coming to play with his boy Wall in front of President Obama in D.C., along with Gil, ‘Dray, ‘Vale, Quinton, Nick and Al, and also joined by some veteran free-agents willing to sign for cheap within the remaining cap space*.

After all, LeBron is boys with Caps/Wizards owner Ted Leonsis (well, at least LBJ offered a testimonial on the back of Leonsis’ book, The Business of Happiness) and he just might realize the potential benefits of playing in an international city and forming a basketball/hockey MVP conglomerate with Alex Ovechkin. It’s not like these three parties have met or anything like that though … oh wait, the picture above.

Then again, Delonte West is from the DMV area — and I won’t even speculate what that means.

*How could this happen?

If the Wiz renounce Randy Foye and sign the 1st ($4,152,900) and 30th ($824,200) picks to contracts under the rookie salary scale, they will be around $21.94 million under the projected $56.1 million salary cap.

So let’s say the Wizards sign LeBron for the max (and we’ll estimate 105% of the $15,779,912 he made last season in year one of his new contract, but this number will likely change) — By the way, I’ve speculated that LeBron could sign with Cleveland for 1-2 years. He could just as well sign a 3-year contract with an option on a 4th year with another team in order to get a second, longer max contract earlier down the line. — James would make an estimated $16,568,908 in year one and the Wizards would then be around $5,370,892 under the cap.

Okay, clearly there are a ton of other factors to consider — whether Leonsis would be willing to pay the luxury tax in such a scenario (you’d think he’d have to), where the Wizards’ trade exceptions fit into the equation (or their high 2nd round pick) … and of course, who would be willing to cheaply sign with LeBron and the Wizards for about $5+ million a year (possibly two players at around that amount with the potential availability of the mid-level exception) — names like Amir Johnson, Al Harrington, Udonis Haslem, Brendan Haywood and Luis Scola come to mind, among others.

In terms of filling out the roster, I’m not even going to get into other intricate salary cap loop holes that I don’t fully understand. In fact, I’m going to end this whole silly, implausible charade all together.

These are the things you consider when you think about the Wizards way too much.

Besides, having to flip the switch and root for LeBron would soil the cost of winning.
(Not like I wouldn’t find a way though.)

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Salary/Info References: Sham Sports, NBA Salary Cap FAQ

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  • How dare you?

  • Kyle

    John Wall baby! Now if Lebron wants to sign in DC, hell yeah I’m fine with that. I’ll forget anything bad I ever said about him and you will too once the Verizon Center sells out every game and he starts appearing in Eastern Motors commercials.

  • jasper

    how likely is your scenario now?

  • Rick

    Part one of your scenario has come true… Hmmm… maybe this isn’t as far fetched as we all thought.

  • Jeff

    John Wall is the best prospect since Lebron James and he’s going to the WIZ!!!!!! Now just change the damn name back to the Bullets

  • Michael

    Hmm, just what we need. Another shooting guard running point for us except this guy can’t shoot. Congratulations Wizards, enjoy mediocrity for another 4 years. We would be a hell of a lot better off taking Turner, Johnson, or even Cousins. But management will be pressured into taking a guy at #1 who will only give us a defensive presence. Rooting for these guys will be painful next season.

  • nick

    Dude your blog is what the wizards insider should be. I have been wondering what it would take for the Wiz to sign LeBron for months – its not so implausible. We have cleared significant room and it looks like based upon your calcs its mathematically possible. Interesting speculation, and good job keeping up the blog.

  • patrik trimmer

    don’t do us like this holmes……we are allowed to dream though.

  • Sam Walton

    Wall, ‘Bron, Arenas, Andray and JaVale? I honestly think that setup could have a shot at some sweet chemistry..
    But then again, with the Wiz, nothing is ever as it seems.

  • mike
  • I like the speculation. It’s funny how no one in the media has brought up a possible LeBron move to DC. It’s as if we have an inferiority complex or something. Why not, if Gilbert can be traded?

    Article on Wizards winning the lottery:


    A solid defensive center and the Bron speculation is not that implausible

  • Juni

    Unless you can offer Lebron significantly more money than anybody else… he’s not going to go to the one city in the USA where every basketball fan hates him.