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LINKS: John Wall, John Wall, John Wall, John Wall

Updated: May 24, 2010

Feeding into the frenzy, here’s a run-down of John Wall-related web content and a wonderment about Wall’s agent, Dan Fegan.

What Does Wall Want?

Amongst the Gilbert Arenas poison pill accusations from within the organization (via John Mitchell’s article), I’d feel remiss if I didn’t point out that some angles have been developing over several months. Things change, feelings change. Keep that in mind.

For instance, the ‘word on the street’ that Arenas told confidants he felt the franchise turned its back on him came out in a Mike Wise/Michael Lee Washington Post piece in mid-January. In early March while handing out fur coats to the homeless, Arenas said he’d have no problem playing in Washington. So, it’s important to have a perspective of the time-line (at least this part of it) and how certain hurt feelings expressed early on might have died down in the considerable amount of time since.

Who knows. Maybe Arenas was just playing nice for the same reason that Ernie Grunfeld could be playing nice, because the two sides know they are likely stuck with each other … at least until Arenas gets back on the court and proves that he has a semblance of trade value.

Here’s where Dan Fegan comes in, current agent for John Wall and former agent for Gilbert Arenas. Fegan couldn’t have liked the fact that Arenas dropped him and then signed an $111 million contract with the Wizards. Yet signs have indicated that the two are cool. Question is, what is Fegan telling Wall, or the Wizards, about the potential combination of the two scoring guards in an NBA backcourt.

Might the Wall camp, at some point, drive “get Gilbert out the way” discussions? Fegan could be thinking (or telling Arenas), ‘Hey, agree to a buyout now and I will serve as your agent for a new contract … you really need representation this time, Gil. Your image in tarnished.’

Again, who knows what Fegan’s angle with this whole deal is … but rest assured, he does have some sort of slant. He is an agent after all.

John Wall Links

The Post’s Michael Lee brings more attention to the John Wall-Evan Turner debate … and almost seems to choose Turner before ultimately titling toward Wall.
[Wizards Insider]

The Wizards still plan on bringing in Wall and Turner to vie for the top spot. Like I said, the Wizards will probably go with Wall, who is younger, faster, more dynamic and certainly more marketable than Turner given the hype surrounding him. One Eastern Conference playoff coach said Wall is a “gamechanger.”

John Wall credits his mom with his attitude adjustment.
[Charlotte Observer]

His mother worried, not just that her son might squander his talent, but that he’d never learn to conform. So when Wall turned 13 – following two conflict-filled years of AAU ball – she gave him an ultimatum.

“She said the only way I’m going to keep playing basketball is if I start trusting, so that I’d start hearing,” Wall recalled.

Stephen A. Smith is right.
[DC Sports Bog]

You find a way to make sure you get him on your roster. Not only is he a sensational point guard, but the reality is is that he is box office, and we all know how desperately the Washington Wizards need that after the season that they have had. There is no intrigue, there is no speculation, there is no anything. Come June, they will be drafting John Wall, period….

You’ve probably heard that John Wall has a 6’9.5″ wingspan. Awesome. But did you know he ran the 25-yard dash in 3.14 seconds. That’s barely behind Darren Collison, a 6-foot guy for the New Orleans Hornets who ran it 3.10. Wall is 6’4″.
[Pro Basketball Talk]

A Kentucky fans gives his John Wall scouting report.
[Bullets Forever]

Jump shot: Much has been made of Wall’s jumper, and given that they both attended UK, comparisons to Rajon Rondo pop up. I can tell you with a good deal of confidence that Wall is a better shooter than Rondo. His shot is awkward to a degree- it’s a set shot more than a jump shot, which could cause him problems in the league. He hardly elevates at all. Unlike Rondo, however, Wall is happy to shoot, and I think this is why he will ultimately have a respectable jumper. He has confidence in his shot and will take (and make) a jumper with the game on the line. He is a very solid free throw shooter.

An early guide to prospective John Wall nicknames. So far, The WZA seems to be popular among Google Reader Share Bros.
[Brain On Funk]

John Wall makes a member of the Wizards’ ticket sales team “overzealous.”

How would Wall and Arenas work together? He and the team talked about it in Chicago … Gilbert would play the two.
[Washington Post]

The 6-foot-4 Wall said his conversation touched on his ability to play with Gilbert Arenas, a three-time all-star who plays the same position. Wall said it shouldn’t be a problem for him — so long as Wall doesn’t have to change positions. “If they pick me, if they want me to be the player that I want to be, I have to have the ball in my hands, as a point guard and lead the offense,” said Wall, who averaged 16.6 points and 6.5 assists while earning Southeastern Conference player of the year honors at Kentucky. “I asked, ‘How would you work with us together?’ They gave me an answer. If that’s my team and I go there, [they’d] play him at the two-guard position. It’s tough. Gilbert likes to have the ball in his hands. He’s a great player, a talented player and he can get buckets in bunches. We just have to wait and see.

The latest Dagger Report Podcast is out. Unfortunately I could not make it on since I’m out of town, but check out what Mike Prada of Bullets Forever and Glenn Logan of SB Nation UK Blog, A Sea of Blue, have to say about John Wall.
[Bullets Forever]

“I can’t go [into the NBA] thinking I know everything. If you do, your career is going to be short.”

John Wall

Other Links

>> After the Gilbert Arenas poison pill article, Frank Hughes of Sports Illustrated reports that two sources are refuting that the Wizards will try to buy Arenas out, but Hughes’ sources don’t refute that they might be trying to trade him. Evidently the Wizards are also asking other prospects who they should choose first, Wall or Turner.
[Sports Illustrated]

Two sources here strongly denied the story and questioned its veracity, citing the money that Ted Leonsis will pay to buy the remainder of the team from Abe Pollin as a deterrent to paying additional money to buy out Arenas’ contract, which has $80 million left on it.

>> Ken Berger of CBS Sports writes that the Denver Nuggets and Carmelo Anthony are talking about an extension (he’s set to be a free-agent in the Summer of 2011 … so that would kinda hurt the whole ‘Melo Come Home’ movement). Bethlehem Shoals encourages Anthony not to rush.
[NBA FanHouse]

When it’s a players market, and the league’s competitive landscape could be radically transformed at least twice over before July 2011, there’s no reason to rush out. Denver will forgive you if you take your time. They’ll be overjoyed if you stay and honestly, have no choice but to grovel. It’s your right, their privilege.

>> Ted Leonsis touches on the whole ‘change the team name/colors’ issue. Basically, the guy hasn’t even officially taken over as owner yet … give it time.
[DC Sports Bog]

>> Eddy Rivera of Magic Basketball briefly catches up with Jarvis Varnado at the Chicago Draft Combine, one of my favorite prospects that the Wizards should keep an eye on with the 35th pick.
[Magic Basketball]

>> Matt Moore talks about a small change in the NBA/D-League assignment policy that could be a step toward closer connections between teams in the majors and their minor league affiliates.
[NBA FanHouse]

>> If Charles Barkley would’ve gotten hit with a flying beer here he probably would’ve been the first Ron Artest.
[Pick and Roll]

>> Jeff Van Gundy was Jeff Van Gundy when he was younger, and had more hair.
[NBA Off-Season]

>> An old John Salley card that reminds me of a song with the same namesake by DC go-go group The Backyard Band.
[Fat Shawn Kemp]

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