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The Wizards-John Wall Bandwagon Led By Wale, The Rapper

Updated: May 21, 2010

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Wale … Washington, D.C.’s first rapper with nationwide worldwide appeal. Some people were a little ‘comme ci, comme ca’ on his debut studio album, Attention Deficit, but I thought it was pretty damn good. Count me a fan of Wale’s music.

The other thing you gotta appreciate about Wale is that he passionately represents the District of Columbia … well, almost.

You’ll often find him talking about the Redskins or using Ovechkin in one of his raps or wearing a Nationals ‘Curly W’ hat. He even sat in the “celebrity” seats at a handful of Wizards games last season. But that’s where Wale’s fandom of the Wizards kinda comes to a halt, at a courtesy attendance via free court-side seats … until now.

But first …

A brief history of Wale and the Wizards.

In June of 2009 Wale Tweeted his support of LeBron James and the Cavaliers in last year’s playoffs. Not a huge deal, but also not something  most Wizards fans would do. I decided to call him out on it and he responded (via Twitter):

@Truth_About_It: “no I can like who I like..I am diehard skins fans..wizards some of them are cool..but I’ve had run ins with them … so …”

And that was that.

Last November, in an interview with Jeff Weiss of Passion of the Weiss, Wale was specifically asked if he was a Wizards fan. His answer:

“Yeah, but I gotta be honest, I’m not the biggest Wizards fan. I usually root for the Nuggets and the Cavs.”

Thanks for being honest, Wale. We really appreciate the fact that you grew up in D.C., but have since gone band-waggoning to root for the Cavaliers and LeBron, whom you are “definitely” a big fan of (which Wale went on to say in the interview).

As I’ve mentioned before in this regard … it’s a free country. Root for whatever team you want to root. This specific instance won’t change the fact that I listen to and enjoy Wale’s music, however disappointing it may be that he can seemingly find a bigger place in his heart for every other pro team in Washington.

Conversely, also last November, I polled a couple Wizards players on Wale’s music. An old guy (Mike James) didn’t know who Wale was. A young guy (Andray Blatche) said Wale is good and that they are cool because they live near each other. And a middle-aged guy (in basketball terms — Brendan Haywood) said that Wale wasn’t his style of rapper because he has a different feel.

Haywood did, however, say he was “heavy” on Drake … which kinda reignites that whole ‘calling him BrendA’ issue. For another day though.

Also, for what it’s worth, I informed DeShawn Stevenson that Wale rooted for Denver and Cleveland and f-bombs started flying all over the locker room — it was never fit to print. But DeShawn is gone now … thank God on so many levels.

And that was that.

Making the Bandwagon.

A recent article on MTV News by Shaheem Reid reports that Wale was rooting for his hometown Wizards to win the NBA Draft Lottery. And while Wale still professes his love of LeBron in the article, he now has no problem dropping “we” when talking about the Wizards.

“I was actually on a conference call with [an] important company,” Wale said. “It was a countdown. Then it was like, ‘Nah, we can’t get the #1 pick.’ When it got to five left, I was like, ‘No way.’ When it was three [teams left], I completely dropped out of the conference call. I was not paying attention at all.”


“We obviously need the fan support,” he said. “We need to change the morale of the team; they have to believe they can do it. I’m a big LeBron James fan, but I’m also very supportive of all the teams coming out of D.C. I’m extra supportive. I always sit on the [arena/stadium] floor and cheer on the teams whenever I’m home: Redskins, Nationals, Capitals and United. You go to the Redskins games, and people support them good or bad. The flow at the Wizards games was not looking good towards the end of the season. I wanna turn that around.”

But love is love, son. Wale and all other bandwagon jumpers are more than welcome … including those who snatched up 400 season ticket packages in the first 12 hours after the draft lottery.

D.C. is a transient city and Wizards fans, even when their team is decent, tend to rival L.A. crowds in late arrivals. The environment, even at the very beginning of the ’09-10 season when all was copacetic/hopeful, to put it plainly, sucked. And Flip Saunders admitted to as much when he once expressed his disbelief at the lame first quarter crowds in Washington compared to the rabid fans he experienced in Detroit.

But with the assumed arrival of John Wall, all of that is expected to change. Perhaps slowly at the start, but there’s 2000% more hope around the Wizards than there was in the doldrums leading up to February’s trade deadline.

So hitch up the horse and buggy and pull the bandwagon up to the Verizon Center entrance on F (“Fun”) Street, Wale’s driving. There are plenty of seats to spare and a lot of fun to be had.

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