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108 Seconds of Strasmas, Something John Wall Can Top?

Updated: June 9, 2010

Hi there. Welcome to this Washington Wizards blog. Now let’s talk baseball.

I went to Stephen Strasburg’s major league debut last night. And oh man, what a night it was. Jamie Mottram hit the nail on the head with his observations on Mr. Irrelevant.

I’ll add that Strasburg’s focus must be intense. The kid is not wired like anyone else on this earth.

ZERO walks and 14 strikeouts? Sure, the kid had a couple bad pitches, in particular the 2-run dinger given up to Delwyn Young with two outs in the top of the 4th. But don’t forget the broken bat double-play he got Pittsburgh’s 4-hole batter, Garrett Jones, to hit into with men on first and second right before Young’s homer. And definitely don’t forget that after giving up those two runs in the fourth, Strasburg struck out eight of the next nine batters he faced to close out his night — all went down swinging except for one, and the guy who didn’t strike out, Jason Jaramillo, had a measly ground out to first.

The best part of the evening was obviously seeing the game live. But the second best was much later when I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep. Something clicked inside as thoughts on Strasburg’s debut ran through my head, making me realize how amazing it was to see that 21-year old pitch; “special” doesn’t even begin to describe. Strasburg is going to revolutionize the pitching position. Chicks will no longer did the long ball that much, they’ll want to get with those Ks.

John Wall, the ball is now in your court … although, it will be highly unfair to expect you to dazzle as much as Strasburg in your debut. You’ll pretty much have to drop 40 points, 15 assists, 5 amazing dunks and win the game with a big shot in the waning minutes. I know, it’s a lot … and it still likely won’t be enough. Sorry kiddo.

108 Seconds of Strasmas

My extremely amateur video of random shots on the night of Strasburg’s debut. Sure, I could have done more, walked around the stadium, etc., but I didn’t leave my seat once (not even to use the restroom), save for the bottom of the 8th when I got up to leave for good. I normally would’ve stayed until the end, but my brother was in town for a night and I figured it would be a good idea to meet him for a drink.

More Video: All 14 Strasburg Strikeouts

Also, check out Chris Needham’s article giving thanks to all those who made Strasmas happen on SB Nation.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled Wizards/basketball programming …

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