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Ernie Grunfeld on the eve of the 2010 NBA Draft

Updated: June 23, 2010

So what can one deduce from Ernie Grunfeld’s press conference on the eve of the 2010 NBA Draft?

Not much … as usual.

On John Wall

When asked about his impressions of John Wall, aside from the ‘are you going to take him/not allowed to discuss who we will take’ mystery, Grunfeld dodged the question by saying, “As you know, we can’t say who are number one pick is, obviously.”

Grunfeld went on to say that Wall is an “impressive young man,” that he “comes from a good program,” and is an “outstanding leader ” … yada, yada, yada.

On Workouts

When asked what he wants to see out of players during workouts:

“These workouts are a little bit overrated. They’re just a small part of the whole evaluation process. I think we put a lot more emphasis on the regular season, how players actually play in games, and their whole body of work.”

“It’s a good opportunity for us to get to meet them, see what their habits are like, and see how quickly they pick up things.”

On Trades

“We’re having a lot of conversations to possibly move up, to possibly get another pick … we’ve probably had as many conversations as anybody in the league.”

On His Draft “List”

Having said that he would like to take the “best available” player, I asked Grunfeld, in that the Wizards undoubtedly have a list of players they like, what type of player, position-wise, is more prevalent on that list.

“I’m not sure at that spot … if you want to know what the strength of this draft is, I think that the depth of the draft is probably at the power forward position, especially at the top of the draft. As you go down a little bit more, it thins out. We need depth at every position. So, if we like a player regardless of position, that’s what we’ll be looking at.”

On Summer League

I asked Grunfeld, aside from this year’s draft picks, who else from the current roster (specifically Nick Young and JaVale McGee) and beyond he plans to send to Las Vegas for the summer league.

“Well Nick has been going to summer league for three years already … maybe he’ll go, maybe not. But JaVale, we intend to have him there.”

And on the Euro-Stash … Emir Preldzic or Vladimir Veremeenko?

“They won’t be with us. They’re both still under contract. Cartier Martin, who finished the season with us last year, he will be with us in summer league.”


And that was it … there were a lot of “It depends,” and “It’s a process,” … standard Ernie Grunfeld speak.

We didn’t learn much, except for a couple tid-bits on the summer league.

But don’t let that take away from your excitement surrounding tomorrow night’s draft, Wizards fans, there will be trades aplenty and prospects flying around like they’re going out of style … yet they never do and never will.

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