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John Wall’s Anti-Perp Walk

Updated: June 29, 2010

You know the perp walk, right? If not, the all-knowing Wikipedia has you covered:

The term perp walk is an American slang term which refers to the police practice of intentionally parading an arrested suspect (or “perp”, short for “perpetrator”) through a public place so that the media may observe and record the event. The suspect is typically handcuffed or otherwise restrained, and is often dressed in prison garb.

What Wall did last Thursday night was what I imagine to be the exact opposite of a perp walk.

Let me talk you through the process …

After getting picked, players go on stage, shake David Stern’s hand, go off to the plush white chairs for their “official” first interview and then are ushered from the floor area, up the right side of the MSG theater, and through the crowd. They are led around a curling path through the concourse where fans await on one side of a velvet rope while Wall and his handlers, media and the what-not walk the other side.

After more walking and more stairs, players enter a media area, welcomed by throngs of computers, tables and press who have taken over a MSG sports bar. The train of folks (well, for Wall it was a large caravan of followers … for DeMarcus Cousins, there was like two dudes) finally ends up in another media area with a main press conference table and several booths where one-on-one media sessions are held.

It sounds glamorous. It sounds glitzy. Actually, it sounds over-hyped and lame. But it also sounds like a silly tradition that’s kinda worth the commotion.

Whatever it is, getting taken No. 1 overall in the NBA Draft wearing a suit worth more than most Americans make in two weeks while ready to earn millions makes this particular journey the antithesis of what a high-profile criminal would do.

I, of course, threw myself into the massive flow and chronicled Wall’s walk. I’m not particularly proud of doing so … it’s not some big score. But it was fun. It was a moment. It simulates being on the walk while holding a Flip Cam. Enjoy.

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