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John Wall’s New Reebok Commercial Pretty Similar to Alex Ovechkin’s

Updated: June 23, 2010

I wish I could be in New York today for all the pre-NBA Draft festivities … but alas, I’m not. I’ll be up there tomorrow.

Thankfully, my friend Mike Prada of Bullets Forever is in the Big Apple. Reporting for SB Nation DC, Prada brings us a sneak peak at John Wall’s new Reebok shoe commercial. Check it out:

But don’t think this campaign is unique to Mr. Wall or anything. Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin already has a Reebok ZigTech commercial using the same concept … except with more cartoon bears and no ‘John Wall Dance’ at the end. Check out this version adapted for the Russian market:

Look out world, D.C. is about to become a Reebok town … or so the shoe company hopes.

[Hat-tip on the Ovie video to this place and this place.]

  • chris

    thanks for the vid! yeah all the zigtech commercials have the same format, ocho cincos, and sidney crosbys are similar also.

  • Kyle Weidie

    Good to know … yea, I didn’t even think to check to commercials for the other cats signed to Reebok.

  • Jeris

    If you look closely in John Walls commercial you see Allen Iverson passing him the ball, perhaps signaling the passing of the tourch to the new face of the brand.