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Reflection and pictures from inside NBA Draft night 2010

Updated: June 28, 2010

NBA draft night 2010 was a whirlwind … and any other similar word you can find in a thesaurus to describe a confusing commotion of excitement.

I got there not knowing what to expect. And because of that, it was hard to really take in the whole scene. Minutes and picks flew by. What was I there to do? Capture the experience? Go on a sprint for blog-worthy moments with the goal of being first to publish? Catch interesting angles aside from ‘here’s my grade for a draft that really can’t be graded because all of these prospects have yet to play’? Grading the draft is a silly, fruitless effort, by the way.

I guess I tried to do all of it. And now that the dust has settled, I still don’t know what happened. From running through the pathways of Madison Square Garden to tall millionaires to-be in suits to power agents and media members to anxious prospect family members to drunk New York fans chanting ‘Jeff – Van – Gun – Dy!!’  … all of it added up on John Wall’s special night. A night that was all about the ceremony, and pomp and circumstance of matriculation to the National Basketball Association.

The night doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, aside from the fact that every draftee has hope … for the time being.

Below is the draft night I saw in pictures, accompanied by the preceding track from the latest Roots album:

Media list.

The commish.

The post-stage first interview.

Stage right control balcony.

Draft night coverage.

Thunder Up.

The Green Room that wasn’t really a room, more like an area, with red carpet.

The invitees.

The all-important product placement.

Wesley Johnson everyone … more Thuston Howell III or more Fonzworth Bentley?

Gordon and Cole share a secret … perhaps with the ESPN guy too.

Getting instructions.


The Green Room populates.


An ‘OMG’ moment.

Face preparation.

Looking up to the heavens.

Scratch, scratch, cough.

“Line ’em up wedding style,” said the photography coordinator.

Time to smile?

No, not time to smile.

Showing watches.

Draft bros.

Pre-draft homework.

Andy Katz checks the latest.

The big picture.

The anticipatory Green Room.

The David Falk-Evan Turner table.

Coach Cal checks in.

The awaiting stage.

The awaiting interview.

The awaiting press conference.

When the pick is made …

No longer a non-Wizard.

DC, WaPost heads represent.

Wall and Turner congrats.

The Wall sheet.

Time to smile, finally.

Verbal preparation.

Big Tigger swoons too.

A starry-eyed French kid.

About Seraphin.

A soon-to-be-forgotten Bulls hat.

Great Wall walking.

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