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The Jersey No.: John Wall asks, Twitter responds, he decides, Twitter reacts

Updated: June 30, 2010

First the Reebok announcement, now his jersey number. John Wall has chosen to have a deuce on the back of his uniform next season, making us forget about all the other No. 2s who have ever worn a Bullets/Wizards jersey.

And all via Twitter. Look at John Wall leegggooo!!! He’s a Twitter news-making machine! He’s also interacting with fans by soliciting their opinion. Smooth marketing move.

John Wall’s Tweet is thy command (to Tweet back). So people did. And to get the immediate (at the time) pulse of yucks, comments and thoughts, let’s check some Tweets out.

First …..

Twitter Spoke:

WavyMcGrady RT @jimmywa11: What number should I wear nxt yr? < number 1 like Penny Hardaway

2good4u10 @jimmywa11 10 it is really close to 11

ukcats23 @jimmywa11 is there a number that would honor your father?

@Mizzo89 @jimmywa11 you should be #3, on your shoes the ‘W’ could be a rotated ‘3’, and you can keep the ’11’ as the two ‘Ls’ AI wore it

@pgreissing @jimmywa11 go with 12 or 13…honor Stockton or Nash, two of the best PGs to ever play the game.

@joy1509 @jimmywa11 # 31 reggie miller number he wasx fast and can score and you remind me of him in an odd way soo.. there you

@AndrewSharp 19, 37, 88, or 6. RT @jimmywa11: What number should I wear nxt yr?

@temptherat @jimmywa11 I hope you are twice the player in the NBA than you were in college (and you were outstanding at UK). So its 22!

@Newsitian @jimmywa11 I think you all should wear 5 as a show of solidarity for what you accomplished with each other for UK NBA history.

@marcel_mutoni 1,243,567 RT @jimmywa11: What number should I wear nxt yr?

@ChimpanzeeRage 78, the only time the Bullets won a championship. Change it when you win one. RT @jimmywa11 What number should I wear nxt yr?

@MarcJay757 @jimmywa11 Take Chris Whitney old number #12

@ideemo @jimmywa11 who was your favorite player growing up? just use that. or since he’s a pg, use 32 for magic.

@RobertBergeron @jimmywa11 7 It’s Gods number!

@ErinAndrewsESPN @jimmywa11 33

@DaRealRoot @jimmywa11 every star PG wears/wore #3..u should start a new # kids wanna wear…go with also works with da 11…1+1 is 2!

@JakeAppleman Threeve RT: @jimmywa11 What number should I wear nxt yr?

@amber2jewel Lucky #13 – 6+2+5 = John Wall Day RT @jimmywa11: 11 is retired by a great player…

@MikePradaSBN #2 RT @jimmywa11: 11 is retired by a great player…That’s y I’m switching…need real opinions on what number to wear?

@jjohns8712 @jimmywa11 your old number plus your number 1 overall draft position = 12. It’s Great # and you could make it legindary like MJ’s 23

@MissHonishine @jimmywa11 is Reebok gonna change ur commercial when u decide on ur jeresy #??

{and later on ……….}

And the reaction?

Very DeShawn Stevenson themed … a missed man amongst the D.C. media. Good riddance to him though. Time to welcome a new No. 2. (We’re also taking it as writing on the wall, if you will, for Shaun Livingston’s departure.)

Despite franchise numeric history, you gotta appreciate that Wall twice deflected questions about his jersey number from ‘some’ blogger (me, after his workout and after he was drafted), and told another blogger his preference was 3 or 15 (Steinberg), only to throw up the deuce on his own outlet to the world.

Oh the game we play.

After Wall’s Reebok Twitter announcement, the WaPost’s Michael Lee Tweeted:

@MrMichaelLee: John Wall announced that he signed with Reebok on Twitter. Scooped everybody. How cool is that? Will he be the new AI?

I have a feeling this won’t be the last time Wall scoops everyone.

Twitter Reaction:

@dcsportsbog I can’t feel my face. Sigh.

@dcsportsbog And thus, the Shaun Livingston Era ends in D.C.

@MikePradaSBN So @jimmywa11 just took DeShawn Stevenson’s number. When will we see Wall sport the beard and the “I Can’t Feel My Face?”

@dontbeabrick @MIkePradaSBN I’m just hoping for a back tattoo.

@wzzntzz looks good tattoo’d on u back, too RT @jimmywa11: just felt #2 was a good number

@craigstouffer RT DeShawn who? Let’s move on already. Let the shirt selling begin. @jimmywa11 I picked to wear #2 for nxt yr

@bigdaddywookie @jimmywa11 ya I was gon say 2 also

@CarbonPrimo Congrats bro! Look forward to seeing you in the deuces! RT @jimmywa11: I picked to wear #2 for nxt yr

@dcsportsbog As @CindyBoren points out, please, nobody tell Gilbert Arenas that Wall wants the No. 2

@Truth_About_It Great, ‘nother poop in shoe joke RT @dcsportsbog As @CindyBoren points out, please, nobody tell Gilbert Arenas that Wall wants the No. 2

@jimmywa11 just felt #2 was a good number

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  • TM

    C’mon, nobody saw that one coming! DaRealRoot called it: 1+1=2. Adding up the digits in your double-digit number is the default position! 11… 1+1… 2.

    So now we have a 2 and 6 in the backcourt!


  • Adam McGinnis

    I am so getting a Wall Deuce jersey. Blogger “ethics” be damned!