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After 14 years, Juwan Howard in Miami; And a home for Shaun Livingston?

Updated: July 13, 2010

Ira Winderman of the Miami Sun-Sentinel is reporting that Juwan Howard is close to signing with the Miami Heat (H/T to Slam). Finally, after all these years, Juwan will be playing for Pat Riley and the Heat. When the agreement goes through, as pointed out by Winderman, it will mark almost 14 years to the day when Howard signed a $100-plus million contract with Miami, which was later voided by the NBA, granting Howard a return to the Washington Bullets.

I wrote extensively about Howard’s tumultuous tenure in Washington (and 1996 flirtation with Miami) back in April. Him going to the Heat now seems kind of weird, an anti-poetic justice (for Washington fans, not so much for Miami fans). And even though Howard’s agent, David Falk, said the “Cold War” between him and the Wizards was over back in mid-June, he’s surely taking some devious satisfaction over the late Abe Pollin’s former franchise that he’s finally ushered Howard to South Beach to win a championship.

And I suppose this also means that the proctologist has finally removed the NBA’s 17-foot pole from Pat Riley’s rear.

A home for Shaun Livingston?

K.C. Johnson of Chicago Breaking Sports is reporting that the Chicago Bulls have had internal discussions about adding Shaun Livingston to their roster to backup Derrick Rose (H/T to Bulls Confidential and @ShamSports).

As it’s become apparent that Shaun would not be coming back to Washington (via John Wall and Kirk Hinrich), I love it if he signed with the Bulls. He’ll get playing time, as Rose doesn’t have much behind him right now, he’ll play for a contender, and he’ll get to go back home to Illinois.

When the Bulls visited the Verizon Center back in April, Rashad Mobley for Hoops Addict put together a nice profile on the Illinois connections between Livingston and Rose.

Good luck to Shaun, wherever he ends up, and good luck to Juwan — I suppose … I surely won’t be rooting for the Heat any time soon.

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  • szr

    You know, how much happier would be all be if the deal was allowed to happen all those years ago? Howard was never worth that kind of money, even at his prime, and it locked the Wizards into a decade of bad-to-mediocre rosters due to monster contracts.

    Didn’t Wilbon think the Howard deal was good for Washington? Does he still think that?

  • ForthePeople

    After Wade lead them on and stayed with the Heat it would be nice for Chicago to have two local products. I think SL can be one of the best backup pgs in the league next year. If his knee holds up I think we will see them play together a lot in the playoffs playoff team.
    Nice guy wish we could have kept him, but I understand the decision.

  • Sharon

    Just curious, with all of the money the Wizards were supposed to have, how in th name of all that’s holy are we ending up with these players no other team wants. Ex: Armstrong,Yi Jinli and Morrison. Why haven’t they signed Josh Howard, he played well here and with an intensity that had the young guys playing exciting ball. I loved the fact that regardless of their horrible record when he came here, he still believed and played like we had a shot to get in the playoffs. Hell, that is how he got hurt, leaving it all on the court. And now, we are going to just turn our backs on him??!!?? I don’t get it. Every team in our conference are trying to get better and all we have been singing for the last two seasons is we building for the future. Do the Wizards not realize that the fans are NOT going to pay for another losing season even if they do have a number one pick. They assume because of John Wall, fans will be flocking to see him. They will at first, but if the losing continues, by January they will have to resort once again to foolish marketing tactics to get fans to come to the phone booth. Sheesh!

  • J-Man


    I seem to remember Juwan only wanting 36 mil for 6 years when he was a rookie.Abe low-balled him and it backfired miserably.

    I also remember Wilbon saying Howard needs to take whatever they give him and get his butt to camp.How’d THAT work out?That kind of cheapness started the beginning of the end of what could’ve been a dynasty.

  • Big L

    i don’t understand the wizards y they haven’t signed josh howard is very strange 2 me he can ball play “d” drive 2 the hoop all that this guy used 2 be an all-star 4 the mavs remember i’m pretty sure josh howard play in a lot more games than these 3 bums they signed ex: armstrong, yi, and morrison combined please give me a break, armstrong he’s fragile & injury prone, yi is a 6’11 soft bum no heart, & morrison who? is dat u talking about the lead singer of the “doors” john? cuz i know u ain’t talking about “adam morrison” bum plain ole all-american bum, but he’s got a championship ring, but didn’t contribute at all 3 bums please get some quality players in here not just 2 fill up a roster some guys who’s gonna get on the court. thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!