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Daily ShareBullets: Former Wizards Potentially On The Move

Updated: July 6, 2010

{Bikers at Ben’s}


One of my favorite most addicting things to do is surf the web using Google Reader. I do it a bit too much, in fact. But I find it to be one of the most efficient ways to gather information from across the web (via RSS feeds) and that ShareBros (and ShareGals) also act as a network of great filters (via item sharing), bringing me the content I need to should see without too much fluff. If you’re on Google Reader, holler at me.

So, as both a connoisseur of the reader and a blogger, I plan to bring you some of the best daily links I come across using the G-Reader (disclaimer: these post won’t always happen daily). If it seems redundant, specifically for ShareBros, then I apologize. Other sites like to be linked and I like linking them. And sure, links will be mostly Wizards-related, but certainly won’t be limited by anything (aside from good taste).

ShareBullets, aptly named for the manner in which these links will be presented and the former name of the NBA franchise I cover, won’t be that much of a derivation from regular old link posts, aside from aiming for brevity (in terms of commentary on the links), and I’ll also always include a photograph I’ve taken (as you see above), because I like to go around Washington/places doing that too … and why not share what I see as well? Enjoy.

  • First, my latest media column … it’s on the polarizing Rob Dibble, Nats color analyst for MASN.
    [SB Nation DC]
  • The Celtics are meeting with Kwame Brown. {Rubs chin, let’s out evil, anti-Boston laugh.}
    [Celtics Hub]
  • Mike Miller might play with LeBron James … seems like we’ve known that to be a possibility for years.
  • Miller could even be part of a sign-and-trade deal involving the Wizards.
    [Wizards Insider]
  • Could the Mavs do a sign-and-trade and send Brendan Haywood to the Heat?
    [Dallas News]
  • How Haywood might fit in with the Pistons, who are also rumored to be targeting the center.
    [Piston Powered]
  • JaVale McGee will be doing a vlog during the Vegas Summer League.
  • Bill Simmons calls Fabricio Oberto a free-agent bargain. Really?
  • Bid on a John Wall autographed basketball for charity. [NBA Auctions]
  • Why am I not surprised that Shaq might have led a ring of computer hackers?
    [Ball Don’t Lie]
  • I would be happy for Raptors fans if this Chris Bosh trade happened.
    [Raptors Republic]
  • I’ve thought, and I’ve thought, and I can’t think of a team that would take Allen Iverson (he still wants to play, BTW) … but here goes: Timberwolves (comically … KAHN!!), Heat (Riley reclamation), Warriors (Nelson + AI = please), Cavaliers (is LeBron feeling risky?), or Bobcats (Larry Brown).
    [The Baseline]
  • Would anyone else be intrigued by Shaq (the computer hacker) on the Hawks?
    [Pro Basketball Talk]
  • Roger Mason, Jr. is still a wanted man, just not by his last two teams.
    [Pro Basketball Talk]
  • I’m pretty sure Eva Longoria would kinda/sorta/probably want her husband to get traded to the Knicks.
  • Might Crystal Langhorne of the Washington Mystics win the WNBA’s Most Improved Player Award two years in a row?
  • The guy who was once rumored to be the preference of Eddie Jordan over Gilbert Arenas, Kevin Ollie, is going to become an assistant coach at UCONN.
    [Pro Basketball Talk]
  • You don’t yell “bomb” on the airplane and you don’t yell “bomb” near the White House while carrying weed in your backpack and having just asked a police officer for directions to a pro-marijuana concert that takes place in D.C. on July 4th.
    [Washington City Paper]
  • A dude, a filmmaker, replaced his lost eye with a video camera. I’m kinda jealous.
    [Laughing Squid]
  • Somebody did something on Monday that they’ve probably been waiting to do for at least 20 years … and it has to do with the movie Back To The Future.
    [Hot Hot Japan Hot]
  • JaMarcus Russell dranks purp.
    [The Sporting Blog]
  • Beer girl costumes, in animated GIF form.
    [GIF Anime]
  • Jay Leno’s ratings aren’t doing so well.

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