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Will Gilbert Arenas Change His Jersey Number Again? Or Is He A Likely Goner?

Updated: July 1, 2010

[UPDATE: An update on this topic has been posted here.]

[UPDATE #2: Arenas has chosen a number.]

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You gotta love the interaction between Ted Leonsis and “bloggers” … specifically, Dan Steinberg and his DC Sports Bog.

On June 14th, Leonsis, the open and candid one, blogged about his first impressions of emails from Wizards fans and included a listed synopsis of the concerns brought to him.

Steinberg then provided a blog-worthy highlight of the synopsis with a subtle bit of snark in a post titled, “Wizards fans want ketchup, mustard, draft picks.”

Leonsis shot back in a post titled, “My Favorite Email of the Day“:

A friend sent me a link to this article with a comment about how nicely “snarky” the Washington Post could be, even when they like you and what you were doing. See here.

He also noted how he wished the Washington Post would solicit input on how to make the paper a better quality service to its consumers, and then publish a list of how to improve the way we just did.

Food for thought, with a little relish and ketchup on top of it.

Imagine if we solicit opinions from customers, put in writing what they want changed, and then actually try to do it and measure against it. Seems pretty basic and nice to me.

Now for Part II of the owner-media member blog banter …
Arenas Jersey Number Gate

On June 28th, Steinberg relayed on the Bog that Gilbert Arenas jerseys were back on sale … but not his old No. 0, his new No. 6.

Leonsis responded by linking to Steinberg’s post and encouraged people to buy Arenas jerseys. “Buy one today,” he wrote.

Well, that didn’t get past Steinberg, especially amongst the ‘Gilbert will be gone before next season’ reports via the opinion of “experts.” Dan writes:

So this is the owner of the team, telling fans to buy Arenas jerseys. If you’re planning on shipping the guy out of town within the next few months, that’s a pretty cheeky move, publicly urging fans to buy the guy’s jersey.


All I know is that if Gilbert Arenas is elsewhere in October, I will absolutely remind Leonsis that he urged fans to buy Gilbert jerseys.

Today Mr. Leonsis, on his blog in a post titled “Consumer Warning — Big Heads Up” no less, has back-tracked on his call for consumers to buy new Wizards No. 6 Arenas jerseys

It is possible, and perhaps likely, that Gilbert Arenas will decide to change his number on his Wizards uniform this coming season.

It is his call. We also await what number John Wall will wear as well this coming season. Numbers are very important to players — to each their own.

So, if you purchase a Gilbert Arenas jersey today and his number changes, I wanted to give you all fair warning. I think that is the honest and fair thing to do. So heads up ASAP. I apologize in advance if this number change causes any inconvenience. Thank you.

But is it Arenas’ call?

From what I understand, the deadline to file paperwork on changing a jersey number (if you’re staying with the same team, that is — if you’re going to a new team, of course you can change your number) was waaaaaaay back in early March.

And unless I’m misunderstanding the meaning of the word “deadline,” Arenas, having already filed paperwork to go from 0 to 6, cannot change his number again if he’s going to be wearing a Wizards uniform next season. But maybe there’s a loophole I don’t know about.

So what does this mean?

Could mean nothing. Could mean Arenas is a “likely” goner. Could mean he’s just ‘on the trade block’ (which clearly wouldn’t be a surprise). And it could mean that Leonsis felt bad about telling people to buy Arenas jerseys after Steinberg called him out.

Who knows/stay tuned.

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