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JaVale McGee Could Possibly Be Making A List Like LeBron, Issues Anti-Shoutout To Reporters

Updated: August 16, 2010

We have to assume that many of those on LeBron’s “list” (i.e., his mental notes) are of the media variety, or jersey burning blokes from Cleveland. Of course, there are also the Barkleys and the Jordans of the world who have criticized LeBron — I guess James changed his jersey number because he wanted to include No. 23 amongst his note taking.

Now, it seems that JaVale McGee could possibly be making a similar, but different list. Or perhaps he’s just venting some frustrations on the Twitter machine. Or maybe he’s simply proclaiming his curiosities about so-called reporters and their credentials (somewhat of an anti-shoutout alert). I invite you to decipher a listing of recent, consecutive Tweets by @bigdaddywookie.

Reporters who never played the game of basketball or never succeeded in it… Shouldn’t b able to report on it #FACT

im coming from a point of view of most reporters seriously feel as if there opinion counts on wat someone that doesnt fit into a certain….

catagory of wat is the norm counts… learn about evolution… going from radios to tvs monkeys to humans… and this isnt coming at anyone

its my opinion and just like the reporters i have a right to express it

and let me change it to i feel u need to have the credentials and the resume to b a sports writer…. as coached in college, or even played

but on another not im on a plane right now with wifi and im on my way to the west coast….. ecpect big things ladies and gents im werkin

appreciate all the comments… mad i gotta stir up sh** to get replies but hey confrontation sells… how u think bad girls club is still on

I’m exactly not sure what McGee is selling with his confrontation … and I think he just compared himself to the Bad Girls Club. #FACT

I sure hope some of those girls are good defensive rebounders.

For the sake of perspective, here’s the epitome of the Bad Girls Club (it appears to be a television show):

Funny, that’s how I imagined the gun thing between Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton going down.

Oh well … really much ado about nothing here from young Mr. McGee. But I will be curious to see  if any college coaches start lining up to be reporters, or vice versa.

Or, maybe reporters can get together for a basketball game and McGee can write, or blog, or Tweet about it (but JaVale can keep his millions).

From radios to TVs, from monkeys to humans, it’s all about evolution folks.

And now, JaVale McGee riding a segway in the drive-thru line at McDonald’s …

[via @bigdaddywookie Twitpic]

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  • With the #1 pick…

    ahhhahaha, that last picture is priceless

  • hunter11

    Javale —

    I think you have enormous God given talent…but get to work, learn to use that talent, and don’t worry about the media. Sadly, the media is generally reporting it correctly based on what you have shown on the court thus far. You will stop the negative comments by proving it on the floor…not by silly twitter posts. Prove that you deserve good press…that your understanding of the game has caught up with your physical skills…and the good press will be there.

  • Obvious man

    Javale has made what seems to me to be a reasonable query – what makes people (possibly you) who have very limited experience with in-game situations and decision making arbiters of how the game is played?

    Of course, you could have addressed his legitimate point but you took the low road of ridicule, called him “young” and posted a pic of him on a segway. Of course the segway picture is a play on his supposed immaturity/sillines/all of the above. Figures you would read it that way. Perhaps he is horsing around (which takes nothing away from his point) or very simply sees the segway as an energy saving alternative to getting around the neighborhood in a car (which would make you the fool).

    Looking down on the very people who earn you a living says more about you than them.

  • hunter11

    yo, obvious man…I haven’t played professional hoops, but I’ve played enough to know that “in-game situations” probably don’t involve:

    1. McGee taking fall away jump shots
    2. McGee never passing the rock
    3. McGee taking a shot when he gets the ball, regardless of how off balance he might be once he takes the shot
    4. McGee running faster to get to the offensive end of the court then to get back on defense
    5. McGee taking off to get down the court to play offense before the rebound is secured.
    6. McGee not aggressively pursuing the rebound, but instead appearing to be anchored into one spot…which may or may not involve boxing out the opponent.
    7. McGee using his great athleticism to jump at any move that looks like someone taking a shot, instead of being patient for the pump fakes or moving his feet to cut off driving lanes.

    Are these the types of “in-game situations” that folks who don’t play professional ball can’t figure out for themselves?

  • kjb

    McGee’s “rule” is just common sense. It should be applied everywhere.

    No one should be permitted to complain about the auto mechanic who didn’t get the car repaired properly unless they’ve been a mechanic themselves.

    Wives: Sorry, can’t complain about your husband because you’ve never been a husband.

    And oh yeah, basketball players wouldn’t be permitted to complain about reporters unless they’ve been reporters themselves. And if they can’t spell “category” correctly. (See, I can snipe at McGee’s spelling because I won a third grade spelling bee. I have experience!)