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Photos: Looking Back On Summer League Wizards

Updated: August 9, 2010

Time to dig into the archives and post some unseen summer league photos.

John Wall, determined to get to the hoop.

What I like about Wall’s game is that you can pick up more elements of discipline than you can from most other young point guards. Again, I’ll reiterate that turnovers, more than his jump shot, is the foremost issue Wall will have to address. But most of his turnovers are not the result of him trying to be ‘cute’ (just sometimes, if not rarely), but rather from him getting used to how to handle his own speed, the increased pace of the game and competition, and where his teammates best want to receive the ball. But in the beginning and in the end, attack he must … with both discipline and instinct.

I feel like Trevor Booker is one of those giant flying sharks and is targeting an attack on his prey … the rim.

A John Wall pre-game throw down. Sue Yue looks impressed/guarding himself from harmful physical repercussions.

JaVale’s Jackhammer.

And McGee doing something else, I’m not sure what.

John Wall uses his body inside.

The Cartier Affair.