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ShareBullets: Yi Jianlian Welcomes Haters

Updated: August 8, 2010

[Skateboarder in Central Park, NYC, taken from pedicab, 2010 NBA Draft Weekend – K. Weidie]

Figured some pictures of Yi Jianlian would be apt.

{image via}

Not sure when this picture was taken, but damn that guy’s arms are ripped. Even the dude in the background looks pretty shocked.


Oh, and this picture from the White House flickr photostream seams fun. Now John Wall, if you improve your jump shot …. and Andray Blatche, if you improve your defense/rebounding …. maybe this can be you. That is, if President Obama more embraces the professional sports of the city in which he currently resides. He hasn’t even been to see the best team in town, rather can only toss zingers about the Caps to their owner.

{via flick/The White House}


Another stellar Mike Wise column … about Russ Grimm’s HOF induction and the Hogs.
[Washington Post]

“What If We Are Wrong Again About Steroids?” Great read.
[Joe Posnanski]

Ted Leonsis wants me to learn how to use a recorder. Leonsis is, however, encouraged about my previous piece on TAI about Yi Jianlian, but writes (because of the lost tapes disclaimer I have before the piece), “And the reporter needs to learn how to use his Iphone recorder:-).”

Damn. If I only had an iphone … instead, I’m stuck with the cursed Blackberry Storm, which might have a recording capability, but I wouldn’t trust it. But yes, it’s probably time that I get a new recorder, and properly pay attention to the correct buttons.
[Ted’s Take]

Yea, Ricky Rubio is good. He was totally worth Mike Miller and Randy Foye.
[Ball In Europe]

Local firemen support Albert Haynesworth.
[DC Pro Sports Report]

Mississippi State’s Renardo Sidney has been through a lot. Some say his story is part of what’s wrong with the college/AAU/high school basketball landscape. I say he’s got a long road back to relevancy. And now he’s injured himself while “attempting a crossover from the top of the key” at an adidas camp in Chicago. Sidney is supposed to be a big man. Exactly.

Dave Letterman burns the Orioles.
[Camden Chat]

Finally, props goes out to another local DMV musical group … The Five One (@thefiveone). I wanted to check them out at the North Capitol Street art walk this past Saturday, but was on a trip down to the mouth York River near Yorktown, VA (I made it Steinberg!).

But The Five One definitely has a nice sound that I’ve recently discovered … worth checking out, via their website,, or by downloading their Road To SXSW Mixtape at Oh, and they’re Wizards fans too, especially @GOLDfiveone who tells me that he’s been watching Phil Chenier and Steve Buckhantz forever.

Check out their impromptu performance at the art walk …

[via thefiveone.tumblr]

And another one from The Five One.

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