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Ernie Grunfeld Let’s The Cat Out of The Bag, Wizards To Change Team Colors for 2011-12

Updated: September 23, 2010

Back in early August, when it was revealed that the New Jersey Nets had filed paperwork to change their team name, I got curious, did the Wizards do the same thing?

Evidently so, as team president Ernie Grunfeld let it slip this afternoon that the team would be switching their colors to red, white and blue for the 2011-12 season.

When I asked in August, team spokespeople were relatively mum … aside from a “Ted likes red” {wink, wink}. A league spokesperson wouldn’t comment either, other than indicating that, “if a franchise wanted to change its team name or colors, paperwork must be filed 24 months prior to the start of the season when the team wants to make the change.”

Basically, it became understood that the Wizards would eventually change their team colors to incorporate red, but an announcement would be made on their own terms, i.e., with the marketing pizazz that Ted Leonsis has became known for (See: Midnight Madness, PA Announcer Tryouts).

Uh oh, Ernie Grunfeld.

I didn’t attend Grunfeld’s press conference on Thursday afternoon, but watched it online while Truth About’s Adam McGinnis covered from the Verizon Center. And Grunfeld didn’t even reveal the tid-bit about uniform colors changing to red, white and blue during the “official” portion of the conference, rather, he let it slip like chum in the water amongst the media sharks who immediately took to the Twitter waves to reveal the information, which was pretty inevitable in the first place.

The interesting aspect, by my calculations, is that supposedly the team will be playing in these new colors for the 2011-12 season. But if you stick to the letter of the requirements outlined to me by the league, then paperwork would have had to be filed by October of 2009 for 24 months to pass before October 2011. Leonsis didn’t officially take over the Wizards until June 2010.

But alas, I’m sure there are loopholes, especially when a franchise gets a new owner that should be the model example for most other NBA owners.

In any case, I’m sure the team is now scrambling to release the details, or to at least say something about the matter … perhaps it will be on Leonsis’ blog, Ted’s Take, soon.

There will be pizazz, somehow.

Stay tuned….

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