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NBA 2K11 Player Ratings: Wizards Starting Five (at least JaVale McGee is better than Darko)

Updated: September 23, 2010

Operation Sports (a leading news and content provider focused on the sports video game industry) is pretty well connected. Today, 2K Games (makers of not only the No. 1 selling NBA video game two years in a row, but also the No. 1 rated NBA video game 10 years in a row) sent Operation Sports the overall ratings for every player in each team’s starting five for NBA 2K11, which will be released on October 5. Let’s see where some of the Wiz kids stand.

The NBA 2K11 Wizards Starting Lineup:

John Wall81 OVR (overall rating)
Gilbert Arenas83 OVR
Josh Howard71 OVR
Andray Blatche72 OVR
JaVale McGee59 OVR

As a point of reference, here are the current Wizards starter ratings from NBA 2K10:

John WallN/A
Gilbert Arenas84 OVR
Josh Howard77 OVR
Andray Blatche62 OVR
JaVale McGee60 OVR

That right there is a pretty accurate virtual representation of our boys, although I doubt Epic Vale is pleased with his rating. Honestly, I’m not sure why his rating went down, but I don’t think he’ll stay a 59 OVR for long. (Hey, at least he’s better than Darko, who has a 57 OVR.) It’s nice to see Blatche get a 10 point OVR rating boost. The Josh Howard fallout and knee injury hurt his stock, and Arenas may have lost one OVR point for the Finger Gu … errr … his time away from basketball.

Ex-Wizards Ratings:

  • Antawn Jamison is a 78; was a 75 in NBA 2K10 — Drink Mo Williams tears for a performance boost!
  • Mike Miller is now a 72; was a 69 — Mike actually shoots in this game.
  • Caron Butler is now an 81; was an 83 — No straws? No game. minus two points.
  • Brendan Haywood is now a 71; was a 60 — Good for you, big dog.

These roster ratings are being debated with fanatical fervor over on Operation Sports.

samp582 says Wall is overrated:

“how can John Wall be 81 as a rookie and Derrick Rose is only a 85!! Rose is a legitimate superstar in the league and wall hasn’t done anything YET!!”

cdiddy71323 champions McGee:

“No way should JaVale McGee be a 59. He better have an A++ potential or something then because he is going to do big things this year”

infam0us counter-punches:

“McGee isn’t very skilled, he’s got great size and athletic ability. Overall he’s still a raw talent, I’m sure even with a 59 he’s still a beast.”

… and that’s just from the first page of comments.

What say you, loyal Wizards fans? Who should have been ranked higher? Lower? Don’t care? It’s just a game after all. Either way, I’ll be playing come October 5. See some of you on the sticks.

[Photo courtesy of Operation Sports.]

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