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NBA Point Guard Heaven: The Beginning of John Wall’s Ascent

Updated: September 19, 2010

Since being drafted by the Washington Wizards, John Wall has digested a whirlwind of attention that would make any young adult feel overwhelmed: Red carpet entrances, police escorts, $25 million shoe deal with Reebok & basketball card deal with Panini, a “John Wall Day” proclamation by former D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty,  a video with local celebrities welcoming him to Washington, buying his mom a house, being selected as a player for the NBA Jam Video game, moving to the nation’s capitol, and having an NBA team put his name on their arena, along with him as their main marketing strategy, “Game Changer.”

This is in addition to the natural national media scrutiny associated with being NBA’s top draft pick.

Through it all, perhaps the most pressure placed upon Wall so far has come from comments by Wizards coach Flip Saunders at the ‘John Wall Day’ celebration and introductory press conference. Let’s watch:

My favorite observations while filming that was the facial expression of Wizards team president Ernie Grunfeld after Flip made his hyperbolic “dropped from heaven” declaration.

I love Jimmy Wa’s personable attitude, his sick athletic ability for a PG and the “it” factor he definitely posses. Obviously, I respect Coach Saunders’ basketball opinion, and his bravado-filled statement could prove to be 100% accurate.  After all, I helped popularize the phrase “John Wall Porn” on the series of tubes, so I sure as hell want Flip’s assessment to come true.

However, I am waiting to see how Wall performs on back-to-back NBA games, whether or not he can knock down the open 15 to 20-foot J, or if he can run a successful pick and roll or consistently break down the opposing team’s best defender, before ascending him into the pearly point guard gates of Magic and the Big O.

Maybe it is being a little finger gun shy (pun intended!) as an intense follower of the Wizards after wallowing through back-to-back miserable seasons, and as the bitterness of Gilbert Arenas’ knee injuries still linger — the Stephen Strasburg emotional roller coaster definitely does not help.

If there is anyone who knows what it takes to be an elite point guard in the NBA, it is coach Saunders and assistant coach Sam Cassell. And all signs point to Wall being an outstanding pupil.

So Three Cheers to the Point Guard Gods!

Oh, and keep making it rain ballers…..

Here is the Point Guard Heaven Remix:

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