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ShareBullets: A New Mayor In D.C.

Updated: September 15, 2010

A D.C. pic, commentary and some links …

[Adams Morgan community bulletin board, Washington, D.C. – K. Weidie]

Washington, D.C.’s mayoral primaries took place Tuesday, which is essentially ‘the’ race for mayor. Since D.C. home rule was established in 1975, all six of Washington’s mayors have been Democrats. It will continue to be that way via staunch city political demographics. And that’s why the primary decides the race for mayor.

This year, it’s been determined that former D.C. Council Chair, Vince Gray, will replace incumbent Adrian Fenty as the Democratic nomination, and ultimately mayor. I wasn’t particularly a fan of Mayor Fenty … his arrogance and increasing lack of transparency (after he practically ran on the ‘always available’/’Mayor BlackBerry’ platform in 2006) have been very off-putting, yet his aims, for the most part, forward-thinking. Now we have old-school Gray, who provides an unknown, but assumed threat to return to ancient ways. Not exactly fair, but he’s going to have to come out with a bang to fulfill promises and quell the skeptics already lining up. I think I would’ve rather had Fenty’s efforts continue, but am not that torn up about it.

And the picture above, I suppose, can be the icing on how Fenty lost this year’s race. He was in denial over his own obliviousness in addressing constituent needs in a reasonable manner, or pretty much anything in a reasonable manner (don’t get me started about the Nats ticket fiasco), rather opting to perch himself so high that he became convinced that his methods and actions needed no explanation. And so he toppled, got his goofy face plastered on the community bulletin board in Adams Morgan with the caption “Denial,” got that lady in the photo pointing in jest, and finally lost the mayor’s race. Godspeed D.C. — Life continues.

In many ways, the demise of Fenty, as the youngest mayor in Washington’s history, conveniently parallels, at least for this Wizards blogger, the fall of Gilbert Arenas, who previously basked in his own popularity, calling himself the “Black President” (but before Obama came on the scene). Arenas got caught in his own obliviousness. He couldn’t comprehend how the outside world, rational and irrational, dealt with his coping mechanism of ignoring/casting aside life’s uncomfortable moments with laughter, jokes and pranks. Maybe fine for when a teammate gets an STD … not exactly in the aftermath of guns being brought into the locker room.

But alas, Arenas still has millions of dollars committed to him, and that affords him another chance. I’m sure Adrian Fenty will find something to do too … it’s just that his daytime bike rides will have a lot less police escorts. And Arenas’ chambers (the amount of shots, basketball shots, he will be asked to take) will have a lot less bullets.


(Hello boys! … Now Dray, are you playing nice with Boogie Cousins?)

[via DC Fab]

The Post’s Michael Lee delves further into the land of Agent Unicorn, Arenas, with an overview of what we can come to expect from the semi-reclusive Gil. Really an enjoyable read from Lee where he reports that Arenas is fit from working with Tim Grover in Chicago, and that he was first to complete, with flying colors, a conditioning drill that Flip Saunders is requiring players to pass before training camp. Lee also writes, “From talking to people, that 50-game suspension was probably a blessing in disguise since it forced him to get the rest he needed since he was unnecessarily pushing his knee beyond the limits last season, according to sources, for the sole reason of trying to prove that he was back.” Wow, that’s one expensive blessing.
[Wizards Insider]

Thinking about where Kirk Hinrich fits in with a backcourt of Gilbert Arenas and John Wall is necessary … the pre-season shuffle of unknown minutes. But sometimes, especially with the taste of last season still around, I can’t help but scoff (a little) at the speculation … because I remember being concerned with “how are we going to divvy the minutes” going into last season. And then people got hurt and all of that was thrown out the door. Flip Saunders had to improvise on the fly, which is what he must be prepared to do this year — hope he’s covering all the contingencies — but then again, how can you? You can really only plan with what you got and must make assumptions of health going forward. Which is why a breakdown of Hinrich’s potential minutes alongside Wall and Arenas is a good thing. Yes, you just read a paragraph that was a circle.
[Bullets Forever]

Highlights from some recent Wizards scrimmaging at the Verizon Center … and where Nick Young gets his pocket picked by John Wall right off the bat.

Follow the new Wizards PA announcer on Twitter.

ESPN’s Chad Ford takes an ultra-positive, but reasonable view of the Wizards in his summer grades for the Eastern Conference (Wiz get an ‘A’, second to the Miami Heat).

One local scribe thinks the Wizards holding a “Midnight Madness” event is just a bad idea. Evidently no one will want to drive to Fairfax on a Monday night. Debbie Downers.
[Washington Examiner]

Maybe free Chik-fil-a sandwiches to the first 300 people will entice people.

Chris Mannix praises Yi Jianlian’s play at the FIBA Worlds:
[Sports Illustrated]

He was aggressive, attacking the rim at every opportunity and often finishing with a flourish, something that was rarely seen during Yi’s two injury-plagued seasons with the Nets. The fluid jump shot that made the 7-footer so attractive to NBA teams before the 2007 draft looked sharp, too.

Ted Leonsis, classy guy.
[Ted’s Take]

JaVale McGee requested a shot of soy sauce for the Redskins’ victory over the Dallas Cowboy. Big ups to the home teams. Big ups to the first sandwich shop that names one of their specials the ‘Epic Vale’.

A photo of Adrian Fenty on primary election day. Uh … not good.

Oh, that and this Redskins jersey foul on the part of Fenty.
[DC Sports Bog]

Wizards Rookie Trevor Booker is a Dallas Cowboys fan. He wants Santa to trade Roy Williams.

Throwback Kirk Hinrich vs. Throwback Caron Butler.
[F*#% Yeah Kirk Hinrich!]

Some 2 Pac – Biggie stuff that’s worth reading, even if you know it already.
[It Was Posted…]

When Allen Iverson snapped Antonio Daniels’ ankles, twice.

A recap of the Ted Leonsis-Damian Cox interactions.
[SB Nation DC]

Stan Van Gundy vs. Pat Riley … Fun!
[Pro Basketball Talk]

The case for meat eating.

Great piece on John Stewart.

Uh oh. Tennessee men’s basketball coach Bruce Pearl is in trouble for “misleading” the NCAA, and it might cost him $1.5 million over the next five years, in additions to penalties on his program and assistant coaches.

I will now remind you a bit of Pearl’s past by quoting something I wrote when I used to blog about Mississippi State basketball:

Flashback to the late 80s: Iowa and Illinois were engaged in a heated battle for Deon Thomas, a hardwood blue-chipper from the City of Wind, Chicago my friend. Thomas ultimately chose to play for the Illini and would go on to become the school’s all-time leading scorer. However, Bruce Pearl, then an assistant in charge of recruiting at Iowa, wasn’t “down” with Thomas’ decision.

Pearl, who had already cultivated a recruiter-recruitee relationship with Deon Thomas, began contacting the high school kid in an attempt to extort information, and possibly change his mind. Suspicious of Illinois and intent on retribution, Pearl recorded subsequent conversations with Thomas. And in a moment where there would be a court room objection for leading the witness, Bruce Pearl essentially got Deon Thomas to admit to being offered cash and a whip (whip=vehicle=Chevy Blazer) by Jimmy Collins, an assistant with Illinois at the time. After multiple conversations, Pearl penned his TPS Report (a memo to the NCAA), threw it in an envelope along with the tapes, and shipped them off to the NCAA.

The NCAA investigated and found no wrong-doing when it came to Illinois and Deon Thomas. Pearl’s taped conversations with Thomas were questionable at best, omitting the scent of being edited to the detriment of Illinois. Deon Thomas even took, and passed a lie detector test.

However, upon combing through records, NCAA investigators found a rack of other illegal transgressions by the Illinois. “Lack of institutional control,” as they call it, led to a 1-year post-season ban among other penalties. If you have time, go ahead a give yourself a full dose of the Bruce Pearl/Deon Thomas incident run-down.

As a result, Bruce Pearl would go on to serve several years in college basketball coaching purgatory.

Finally, video of Andray Blatche putting in work at the Goodman League in D.C.:

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