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John Wall vs. Sam Cassell: The Video

Updated: October 12, 2010

From entertainment to education, there are a lot of benefits to having Sam Cassell on an NBA coaching staff, not to mention that he has relevancy to today’s youthful players — as in, they’ve probably seen some of his games on television, in color. Hence, Cassell can still conduct live demonstrations of his knowledge.

We’ve seen ‘Sam I Am’ go against the likes of Nick Young and JaVale McGee in post-practice battles. On Monday, Cassell and John Wall took to each other in the low post. The Washington Post’s Michael Lee has the words describing the scene on the Wizards Insider. You’ll find video below …

  • Ezza

    Awesome, great to know we’ve got a guy on the bench who could still probably school half the guards in the NBA and is not even playing

  • aaron

    I like the Five One playing at the end there; nice way to rep DC

  • mjc

    fyi, good choice in music

  • Josh

    What’s the second song that begins at like 0: 32 that goes “Hey I’m seeing money in my future”