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Leonsis’ 101 Things In 101 Days List: Going Back To Bullets “Under Consideration”

Updated: October 6, 2010

Ted Leonsis is a man of lists. He believes in lists.

In fact, his original “list” of 101 things to do in life, which arose from a day of reckoning in 1983 when a plane he was on was forced into a crash landing, actually landed him an appearance on Oprah.

But getting on the media mogul’s show wasn’t the point. Making that original list helped bring direction and focus to Leonsis’ life. He achieved a lot, financially, before making his list, but clearly, through telling his story in his book, The Business of Happiness, he achieved far more value and meaning in his life, over monetary concern, after making the list.

And thus, as a big believer in lists, shortly after taking over the Wizards last June, Leonsis sought input from his team’s community on what he could do to make their basketball experience and relationship with the franchise better. And with that input, he started making another list.

Evidently, that list grew to the point where a simple benchmark of achieving 101 total improvements in the quality of life for Wizards fans (and Capitals fans, and Mystics fans … since the Verizon Center that houses all teams was part of the package Leonsis fully acquired in June) became a list of 101 accomplishments in 101 days, with more likely to come.

Leonsis has several times mentioned that he would release said list to the public and now, via his blog, Ted’s Take, he has done so. So head over to take a look at what’s been done and what other changes are to come.

Some items are complete (but not really) … In response to a request for “warmer pizza” (item No. 39), Leonsis writes, “Turned up heat in ovens.” Great, but now get ready for complaints about over-cooked pizza. That and requests such as “fresher popcorn” and “fresher buns” (items 37 and 38) really put the pressure on the Verizon Center’s concession vendor, Aramark. But Ted is demanding, so Aramark better be listening.

Some items are “in-development” … such as the ‘I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see-it’ item No. 29, “Increased emphasis on the Wizards D-League team.”

And some items are “under consideration” … such as item No. 31, “Change Wizards’ team name to Bullets.” (Changing the team colors to red, white and blue, item No. 28, is noted as “in-development.”)

Now, I’m still one who believes that it’s highly unlikely Washington’s NBA franchise will ever be called the “Bullets” again … although I’d be all for it. Nonetheless, all most fans of the team could ask for at this time is that it be “under consideration.”

Overall, it’s an impressive list full of welcome changes. If you believe the releasing of this list and its accomplishments is an admirable and productive act from the new owner, go ahead and drop Mr. Leonsis a line at  TheWashWiz@aol.com and tell him thanks.

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