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Notes From The Other Side: Atlanta Hawks

Updated: October 12, 2010

Note:  The Washington Wizards PR staff was nice enough to give Truth About It three media credentials.  One for photographer extraordinaire, Adam McGinnis, one for editor-in-chief, Kyle Weidie, and one for myself, Rashad Mobley.  It would be foolish for Kyle and I to both cover the Wizards locker room, so I volunteered to cover the “Away” locker room all year in a segment I decided to title, “Notes From The Other Side.”  So before and after games, it is my goal to bring  you the Wizards perspective from the visiting locker room.

Prior to tonight’s Hawks-Wizards preseason matchup, I got a chance to talk to former Wizards assistant coach (2000-2003) and current Hawks coach, Larry Drew.  I asked him about the challenges involved in playing rookie point guards, how he planned on defending the Wizards without Gilbert Arenas, and what the addition of former Wizard Etan Thomas has done for his team. Watch below.