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Poll: Should Gilbert Arenas Shave His Beard?

Updated: October 12, 2010

Sad news out of Beard Land

Gilbert Arenas is evidently going to shave his, via Michael Lee, Washington Post.

Beards are great for a variety of reasons, none of which I’ll delve into right now other than to say I gots one.

Now, the beard fraternity might not be at a total loss. You see, Arenas has often sported an actual beard, just not one this long that has attracted so much attention.

He has also sported a goatee before, and could do so again … to show solidarity toward the owner who often embraces him and encourages others to do the same.

No goatee for me, however. Those are a thing of my past, and my girlfriend would certainly not approve. No offense, but Caucasians such as myself, these days, often reserve the sporting of goatees for a profession where one is likely to tuck in a collared shirt with some sort of product logo into pleated Dockers … or something along those lines.

Bloggers have beards … whatever that is supposed to mean.

And on said noise-worthy beard, Wizards owner Ted Leonsis writes:

“I don’t care if Gilbert Arenas has a beard down to his knees as long as he is healthy; happy; ”coachable”; and is a great teammate – which I believe he is – all is good in my book. I know he is one heck of a terrific player.”

Hindrances on defense and the ability to run a three-man weave due to a knee-length beard notwithstanding, I’m with Ted.

It doesn’t matter. Gilbert is going to be just fine.

I love me some Kelly Dwyer, but his “Is Gilbert Arenas depressed?” piece was probably the trough of this latest wave of Arenas media coverage.

At least according to the observations of this sole, bearded blogger, Arenas will be A-OK (as evidenced by his sweet stroke in the video above). He’s just happy to be playing basketball again.

But the question is … should he shave his beard?

Will doing so make Arenas more approachable, “embrace-able”?

Or will it take the mysterious edge off notions that he’s back … and he’s “bad“?

You make the call by voting below.

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