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ShareBullets: Hilton Armstrong on Offense, John Wall and Chris Paul

Updated: October 17, 2010

A D.C. pic, commentary and links …

[Seeing D.C.’s Chinatown – K. Weidie]

Michael Lee has a good feature piece in the Post about Hilton Armstrong.
[Washington Post]

Armstrong also spoke with us on Saturday about the differences between the offense he participated in with Chris Paul in New Orleans and what’s been developing here with Flip Saunders and John Wall in Washington; and he compared Wall and Chris Paul a bit. Here’s video of that:

“Just be the standard big man … just rebound, defend, communicate on defense, help out pick and rolls, try to get everybody in the right place, be the big man behind everybody and help them out. Offensively, if I have something there, take it … don’t be shy. Just don’t try to force anything, just stay within my game, stay within my role.” -Hilton Armstrong on his role.

Josh Howard has started a new blog and has a pretty impressive first entry. I’m almost anxious (in a good way) to see what Howard brings to the Wizards once he is healthy. I’ve barely been around him in the locker room, but he seems to have an earnest candidness about him that one can certainly appreciate. Here’s to hoping he’s able to re-prove himself on the court.

Jay Williams recently Tweeted that according to a source, John Wall make part ways with agent Dan Fegan.
[@RealJayWilliams, h/t]

Sebastian Pruiti breaks down an instance of John Wall going tight off a certain screen and using it well, and an instance where Wall didn’t set up his defender properly and left too much space on a certain type of screen.
[NBA Playbook]

>> Here’s the deal about screening action and a guy as quick as John Wall ... Certain types of ball screens need not be rubbed off so close/tight by the ball handler. The guise of setting a screen at an angle that allows the ball handler to go in a straighter line toward the basket acts as the equivalent of a hesitation move. And when a guy is as quick as Wall, sometimes all you need is that split second of hesitation/concern by a defender about a potential screen to make a move and get to the basket. Be intent on using a screen and rubbing off closely and you could lose an opportunity. It will be all about how Wall reads the defense and if the screen is worth setting his defender up for, or worth using as a decoy.

J.A Adande has a good take on Gilbert Arenas … and I guess the lesson is that Arenas should stop seeing himself as a victim of the media.

Pretty good interview with Denver Nuggets statistician Dean Oliver, who’s also one of the founding fathers of the basketball stat world.

REMINDER: Ron Artest is a pretty awesome dude.
[SB Nation]

A David Letterman interview with Michael Jordan from 1986. Good stuff … and funny because Jordan, at age 23, claims he’s going to retire from basketball at age 32 and join the PGA Tour.
[NBA Off-Season]

And now an old, funny picture of Jordan and Charles Barkley on the golf course.
[The Grand Archives]

Zach Harper has a good take on the new NBA tech policy.
[True Hoop]

>>I’ve sat on the baseline to take pictures for a game the players bitch and moan waaaaaay too much over calls. They can find other ways to express their emotion. They will be alright. The new stringent technical rules are just fine with me.

25-year old Monta Ellis has a wife who is a 31-year old Memphis police officer. Someone has definitely been listening to Lil’ Wayne too much.
[The Basketball Jones]

Great bus picture.
[Washington City Paper]

Poor, poor Cleveland … they’re sticking with Comic Sans.
[Ball Don’t Lie]

Congrats to Unsilent Majority, @Unsilent, aka Jack Kogod on recently getting married. Unsilent is a huge Wizards fan … here’s a good toast to him by his boys at KSK.
[Kissing Suzy Kobler]

What shall we make of preseason analysis?

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