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ShareBullets: The Back To Bullets Issue, Yi’s Development & Wall v. Rose

Updated: October 10, 2010

A D.C. pic, commentary, and links …

[Shaw Library: 7th St. & Rhode Island Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. – K. Weidie]

So the Wizards lost to the Chicago Bulls on Friday night, putting their preseason record at 2-1. They got out-rebounded 48-32 and after the game, Wizards coach Flip Saunders said it wasn’t so much a result of the three-guard lineup. Via Wizards Insider:

Saunders said the disparity had nothing to do with size or inexperience. “Our bigs played really lethargic, very tired tonight. Very much with a lack of commitment. We have to play harder than the team we’re playing against. We can’t afford to let teams play harder than us, because we’re young and we’re going to make mistakes. And you have to make up for those mistakes with effort plays.”

“MESSAGE!” — And Flip was calculated with his message or call-out to Andray Blatche (three rebounds in 25 minutes), JaVale McGee (five rebounds in 18 minutes), and Yi Jianlian (three rebounds in 19 minutes off the bench). Of course, these numbers don’t tell the full story, exactly how many rebounds the Wizards allowed their assigned opposition to get.

Rebounding will be an increasingly developing theme until it’s not. How’s that for analysis?

Other Game Quotes:

[K.C. Johnson – Chicago Tribune]

If you blinked, you missed a lot.

That’s what the blur of the Derrick Rose-John Wall matchup looked like, which is why John Calipari, who coached Wall at Kentucky and Rose at Memphis, traveled to sit courtside to witness it.

[Nick Friedell – ESPN Chicago]

Hinrich, who was traded earlier in the summer so that the Bulls could clear enough cap space to go after LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, has to be pleased with at least one aspect of playing with the Wizards — the team’s head coach, Flip Saunders, is actually saying his first name correctly. Former Bulls head coach Vinny Del Negro repeatedly called the veteran guard, “Kurt” during press conferences.

“Some people just can’t say it correctly, I guess,” Hinrich joked.

Yea, like Ernie Grunfeld.

It’s only the preseason, but we’re definitely going to keep track of the amont of Wall to Wookie alley-oop action this season …

And then there’s the Wizards having a lot of trouble guarding Derrick Rose P&R action …

[via Hoops In View]


>> Back to Bullets.

Ted Leonsis is none too happy with an editorial that recently appeared in the Washington Post regarding the “under consideration” status of potentially changing the team name back to Bullets.

Leonsis swings for the fences with his blog commentary … you should really go read the whole thing. If anything, it’s pretty entertaining. However, it does seem like a bit of an over-reaction on the part of Leonsis, yet necessary … mostly because I agree that the Post is ill-timed with its presumptive editorial commentary.

In my opinion, Leonsis listed a potential return to the Bullets as “under consideration” to appease fans, because, as he blogs, “of the volume of emails that argue both sides of the debate.”

Thus, it will continue to be a hot button issue mostly because the name “Wizards” absolutely stinks, especially in its non-representation of the nation’s capital. So, on one hand, you can’t blame the Post for feeding such a hot button issue; newsprint is dying and you do what you can do (especially when the Washington Post Company relies on for-profit education to keep their paper afloat).

Hell, why do you think I included the “under consideration” matter in the headline of my blog post recycling the news of Leonsis’ released list of “101 Things In 101 Days” … because it’s what stood out to me, and it was certainly what stood out to a lot of other people.

These are the facts.

There is no problem with Leonsis saying it’s “under consideration” at this point and opting to concentrate on other matters. And there should be no huge problem with media outlets covering a matter that likely won’t be resolved until the Wizards name is no more.

>> Yi.

Michael Lee has a good profile on Yi Jianlian in the WaPost that touches on a snapshot of the re-launch of Yi, via training with David Thorpe that TAI covered in August.

Keep in mind a couple small things when it comes to Yi: Bob Donewald Jr., American coach of the Chinese national team, is also said to have had a significant effect on Yi’s summer development, in addition to Thorpe. Also, John Wall’s agent is Dan Fegan, the same guy who serves a role in Yi’s representation. So between that, and how an association with Yi (rather, having him on the roster), opens up more potential in Chinese markets, it might behoove the Wizards to seriously consider signing him to an extension before the November 1 deadline, even if he is still unproven. And with that … Yi seems to be taking huge strides in his development. So, the potential benefits seem to be culminating to far out-weigh the risk.

>> More.

Ken Berger has a story on CBS that echos Michael Wilbon’s recent column saying that Arenas “must” be traded in order to have a fresh start, but supported by a “person” “close” “to” “the” “situation” “and/or” “Arenas.”

Berger typecasts Arenas with others who got a fresh start, Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson … I guess so, if by being different from everyone else lumps those three as being similar, which is clearly only a surface glimpse at some of the NBA’s more colorful personalities. Berger also highlights teams that were maybe/perhaps/coulda been interested in acquiring Arenas this summer (Orlando, Dallas, Denver and Cleveland), but concedes that Arenas’ contract was the deal breaker, kinda making the whole potential exercise rather pointless.

The perception seems to indicate that the “blueprint” for redemption is to go to another city, which, I admit, has happened more than not. But Kobe was able to achieve redemption by staying in LA … and I think the Arenas situation may be more complicated and will become more clear with time, which is what the Wizards have … because he is untradeable.

With Redskins WR Devin Thomas being cut, D.C. is where wide receivers go to die. I would say Rod Gardner is the most dead.
[Mr. Irrelevant]

I am very interested in meeting a 60-plus year-old DeShawn Stevenson, J.R. Smith, and lest I forget, Chris “Birdman” Andersen.
[Ball Don’t Lie]

Remember when Dwyane Wade questioned the loyalty of the Chicago Bulls this past Summer? Well now, the Bulls are supposedly investigating the injury of Carlos Boozer, and the initiation of said act might have something to do with Boozer pulling one over on the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2004 … this according to the NY Daily News.

Google is developing automated cars. Exactly.
[The Official Google Blog]

The Summer Is Over.

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