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Poll: Should The Starting Lineup Change When Arenas is Healthy?

Updated: November 1, 2010

The Washington Redskins aren’t the only team in D.C. that may be on the brink of a lineup change (Hi Donovan and Rex!).  Any day now (possibly tomorrow, but that seems unlikely at this point), Gilbert Arenas will recover from a strained tendon in his ankle and will make his 2010-2011 regular season debut.  That may be good news for Wizards fans, and great news for John Wall’s game, but it puts Coach Flip Saunders in quite the quandary.

Does he revert back to the three-guard lineup that creates match-up problems for the defense, but likely causing problems in the much maligned rebounding department?  Does he keep Arenas on the bench until he has his legs and his game back?  Does Flip bench Kirk Hinrich and Al Thornton and start the Arenas/Young combination since they seem to look out for one another?  Should Yi be given the chance to start since McGee seems to be struggling (when not blocking shots and dunking on Josh Smith)?

The possibilities are endless, and with the Wizards sitting at 0-2, it’s not like Flip will be disrupting some sacred chemistry by shaking things up a bit.  Wall should start, and Blatche, despite his passiveness in the first two games, represents the best low-post threat the Wizards have.  Everyone else is subject to be replacement.

So what do you think? Should the starting lineup change when Arenas is healthy?

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