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Scenes From The Phone Booth Floor: Washington vs. Charlotte

Updated: November 15, 2010

On occasion, someone from Truth About It (usually Adam McGinnis or myself) is afforded the opportunity to sit on photographer’s row and capture the NBA game experience. One of those chances came last Friday when the Charlotte Bobcats came to town. Here are some select captures from that game.

Note sure if this is the epitome of something or just weird … but Kwame Brown, flexing his bicep, while on the injured reserve and barely in the NBA, with the Wizards logo looming in the background.

Kevin Seraphin talks with assistant coach Gene Banks before the game. Don’t take Kevin’s face to be a negative, he’s just a very expressive, goofy kid who is usually smiling otherwise. An interesting young character that Seraphin, sophomoric in every sense, yet a gentle giant who sets practice screens that make Kirk Hinrich cringe.

We should relent that the John Wall Dance gets the people in the seats having a good time, the type of corny marketing pizazz that makes a family-fun environment. Although, I would personally prefer the ‘You Da Man!’ video.

Here, Wizards game night host Autria Godfrey has fun with a John Wall fan who was also holding a ‘Do The John Wall’ sign throughout the night.

The Wizards during the National Anthem, John Wall always puts his right hand over his heart.

Andray Blatche likes to finger roll that far from the basket versus DJ Augustin.

You think you can hang in the NBA? Try getting past a guy the size of Gerald Wallace chucking you in the shoulder without the whistle blowing to save you.

One thing Andray Blatche can do is glide to the hoop with a soft touch to finish.

Believe it or not, Dray made this one.

After a controversial call that didn’t go his way (when it probably should have), Gerald Wallace calmly handed the ball to referee Bob Delaney. Guess the new tech rules are working … I’ve witnessed Wallace be an unnecessarily relentless complainer to the referees before. Perhaps this composed instance contributed to Wallace getting that favorable call against Yi Jianlian toward the end of the game … but probably not.

Wallace recovers after taking a shot to the face.

McGee busting out of a defensive play trying to gain his balance while making a curious face at the referee’s call.

Um, yea … I’d say taking it to the hoop in an NBA is kind of tough … might get your head chopped off. Seems like Nick Young no longer has a head y’all.

Bob Delaney helps G-Wiz chose the next “victim” of the Chipotle burrito giveaway.

“Yo man, who’s more maligned?” or “Real men shoot guns in the air, they don’t play pranks with them using notes.”

Gilbert Arenas doing his best Ledell Eackles pose.

{the Ledell Eackles pose}

Heavy breathing ensued after this chase-down of the ball.

Miles Rawls, commissioner of the famed Goodman League at Barry Farms (and once infamous heckler of President Obama), sits close to court-side, often entertaining fans with his interjections, and certainly drawing the attention of Sam Cassell, Gilbert Arenas and other Wizards personnel that he knows with lighthearted ribbing of how he thinks the game should play out (and who should be on the court).

JaVale McGee with a monster block of Gerald Wallace … too bad Wallace gathered the ball back and put it through the hoop anyway.

JaVale McGee looks up at JaVale McGee on the jumbotron.

G-Man sees the Wizards Girls off the court.

[All photos copyright of Kyle Weidie, Truth About]

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