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ShareBullets: Crittenton To China, When Arenas Worked At A Jazz Club For Love & Pictures of Rallies

Updated: November 1, 2010

First Wizards-related web stuff, then pictures of rallies.

1) According to Asia-Basket, Javaris Crittenton has signed with the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions of the Chinese Basketball Association. Evidently he’ll be playing there with another former Wizard, Peter John Ramos.

2) As you probably know, John Wall tweaked his ankle versus the Hawks on Saturday, but should be okay to play against the 76ers on Tuesday. Gilbert Arenas, however, is unlikely to go (via Washington Post). Arenas is getting MRIs, Cortizone shots and seeing specialists about his ankle. Bad timing for Wizards fans who really want to see him play, but Arenas’ patience is tested more. You have to think, loving the game as he does, that he’s desperately anxious to get on the court for a real game. But it would be a good sign if he takes precaution, and it’s not much of a sign of anything else beyond that.

3) The mother of Gilbert Arenas’ children and his fiancee, Laura Govan, recently spoke with S2S Magazine. She denies the rumor about her and Shaq, saying it’s something that Shaq’s ex-wife, Shaunie, made up. But whatever with all that, here’s the best part:

“Laura is a former basketball player and coach who met Gilbert while she was working at a Golden State Warriors basketball camp. He wasn’t “Agent Zero” or the “$100 Million Man” yet. Laura said she tried to ignore Gilbert’s smiles and glances and even turned him down when he asked her out.

“I was like, ‘Being an athlete doesn’t impress me.’ I said, ‘If you really want to go out with me, you’ll work for my family.’” Her dad owned a jazz club and she promised him a date if he worked there.

“That weekend this boy was taking tickets at the door. People were like, ‘Aren’t you Gilbert Arenas?’” Laura was shocked to see him there. “And then he wouldn’t leave! He was filling salt and pepper shakers and pouring water.””

So Gilbert.

Wizards-Hawks Best Said Leftovers

[Michael Lee – Wizards Insider]

The Wizards committed 12 turnovers in the first half overall, with five coming in the form of illegal screens. After McGee picked up the first offensive foul for an illegal screen, Coach Flip Saunders told his center, “You can’t do that!” But by the time Hilton Armstong picked up an offensive foul late in the second period, Saunders turned his frustration toward the officials. He looked at referee Curtis Blair and asked, “Are we in the WNBA?”

[CJ Hempfield – Bullets Forever]

When playing a confident team – at least confident in the regular season – the Wizards cannot dig themselves a hole. On this night, there margin was too thin as they did not have enough scoring, particularly from their bench. The Wizards starters actually outscored the Hawks by 15 (WAS 85 – ATL 70), but the Wizards bench, I mean Yi, was outscored by 19 points (Yi 10 – ATL 29). Cartier Martin, who lead the team in scoring against Orlando, has to find a way to contribute offensively if he wants to maintain playing time.

[Craig Stouffer – Washington Examiner]

But it’s hard not to feel like if Wall weren’t a 20-year-old rookie, there’d be reason for another fruit plate episode. Wall isn’t used to losing – Kentucky went 35-3 last year – and if Washington’s season opener was a simply a chance for him to get his pro legs underneath him, Saturday’s contest was the realization for him that if he doesn’t take over, there’s little chance right now that the Wizards will win many games at all this season – especially with no Gilbert Arenas and Josh Howard. Even on the TV broadcast, what was strikingly apparent about Wall was his intensity after he scored buckets in the third and fourth quarters. As he backtracked on defense, he was constantly imploring his teammates to be ready – “Let’s go!” – offering loud and demonstrative pleas to help him make a run that would keep the game from getting out of hand.

[Tracy Weissenberg – SLAM]

Despite the outcome, Wall was fearless during the decisive last period. At times, he made getting the shots he wanted look too easy, choosing between driving to the rim and pulling up behind the arc for a step back jumper. Since it’s only his second contest, he still has to prove he can consistently make shots late in the game. But he showed that he’s not afraid to take them.

[John Hollinger – TrueHoop]

As impressive as the numbers were, the visuals were better. Wall’s speed created huge challenges for the defense, as the Hawks’ guards had to concede the jumper to him yet still had trouble containing his penetration. He was unselfish, competitive, and he shot better than advertised. Once he learns how to attack the rim at this level — i.e., not trying to shoot directly over Dwight Howard or Josh Smith — he’ll be lethal.

Wizards’ Al Thornton trying to get career back on track
[Washington Post]

Not sure how many businessmen JaVale McGee has met, but Ted Leonsis is the smartest ever.

Pictures of Rallies

You know what’s great about living in Washington, D.C.? Rallies.

Actually, wait … rallies pretty much suck. Masses of idiots, stupid tourists times a thousand. Wait, I shouldn’t say that … I love tourists. You’re welcome to come spend your money on pink ‘FBI’ hats and other 3-for-1 T-shirt deals in my fair city. And rallies, well, they’re not that bad if you actually live in the city, don’t own a car and mostly depend on foot/bike/bus to get around. Those are usually pretty good ways to not be inconvenienced by rallies. Plus, free speech is pretty cool, especially to this blogger.

In the past couple of months I’ve observed a couple different rallies in D.C. — the one hosted by television personality Glenn Beck in late August (well, when it was dispersing) and the one jointly held by television personalities Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert this past weekend.

Both rallies were fun to observe in their own way, pictures are below … get ready for a lot of scrolling (but they make that relatively easy to do these days).

Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert’s Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear

/ The Rally For People To Make Funny Signs Like The Kids Do On “College Game Day

*Award Winner Below: WORST SIGN OF THE DAY

*Award Winner Below: BEST SIGN OF THE DAY

Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ Rally

These bros, I’m guessing from some morning show called Skeeter and the Nard Dog, perhaps, got a promo pic in front of the White House.

These people, after taking pictures of that crazy lady who camps out near the White House, talked with that crazy lady who camps out near the White House.

Note: I’m not sure what the lady is pushing, I’ve read it before, can’t remember, nor should I assume that she’s actually crazy. It’s just that she camps out near the White House all day, every day.

This lady was hollerin’ about something with the book of her Lord, I’m presuming, in her hand. It was at about this point, while eating a hot dog, I got questioned by “authorities” on bikes … mostly because I was taking pictures and I didn’t look like a tourist, or crazy.

I’m not going to lie, this particular gentleman is selling “Don’t Tread On Me” flags out of a baby carriage. Five dollars each.

Got a sucker.

This feller had his neatly organized signs all lined up. He starts the text on the signs exactly how I would, asking what is the most important tree. It then looks like he wants more family and more children. So, I didn’t ask him how he felt about birth control.

But then a lady cop told him that he couldn’t park where he parked unless he had a handicap parking sticker. Looks like he was going to be late. Yuckers.

Now I’m not sure what this lady, or man … it was probably a man, or a lady … was passionate about, with megaphone, but by the time I got there, the horse cops were breaking it up.

The person kept yelling on that megaphone, “Save America first, evangelize the world!”

I think these two Ravens fans were really out to restore their ability to prowl for chicks.

I think this guy is against abortion, but pro shitty sign technique.

Aaaaand a guy dressed in colonial garb, why not, trying to listen to an old-looking radio that came way after his character’s time, but way before mine.

These guys actually weren’t arguing as they appear to be. Just some photographers making talk with the subject with a St. Louis Cardinal-themed protest sign.

Some kids who looked pretty alt made some signs and gathered to protest the tea-baggers. This, of course, ignited conversation between the two factions. Here are some pictures of that. (I wished these kids walked to the tune of a chant that started with something like, “Hey, hey! Ho-ho!,” and so forth, but they didn’t.)

The Steelers fan wanted to give him one last piece of his God-fearing mind.

This is Washington, D.C. There is a guy on a microphone on a very tiny ladder (you can’t see it, but trust me, it’s tiny … and no soapbox, but close enough) saying his piece. And while the man in the Dallas Cowboys hat and t-shirt isn’t necessarily ‘with’ the bloke with the cardboard sign (looking like Andray Blatche made it) that says “Freedom of religion is also freedom from religion,” the two are definitely both arguing against microphone, tiny ladder man. This is Washington, D.C.

This truck is the poster-child for the “This is our country” ad campaign, except it’s a Ford and the campaign was for Chevy. Doesn’t really matter. The pole eschews the message, but evidently this very truck once carried an angry mob.

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