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ShareBullets: Stormy Practices & Rod Strickland’s Definition of John Wall’s Swagger

Updated: November 10, 2010

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Rod Strickland recently broke down the swagger of John Wall, Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans for Benjamin Hochland of the Denver Post:

“They’re different. J-Wall is the most outgoing. D-Rose has an inner swagger. He’s not a rah-rah, big-time emotional dude, but you’ll see him clenching his teeth. Tyreke’s, you can see it, as well. It’s not as blatant as J-Wall’s, but you can see it in his run, when his swagger is really getting there.”


“[Wall] was a lot more vocal than the other two from the beginning — he came in and there was no question who the leader was,” Strickland said. “We had to tone him down.”

Less Stormy Seas

The report out of Wizards practice on Tuesday afternoon — the day after Flip Saunders “stormed” out of practice (or “flipped out,” or whatever ‘cute’ way you want to put it) — was that the coach’s delivered message was received.

But did we expect it to be any other way? I would’ve bet the house that Saunders wasn’t going to stand in front of the media after Tuesday’s practice and say, “Those little [expletive deleted] are still doing the same [expletive deleted] thing.” {speculative paraphrasing for dramatic effect}

Nope, that was hardly the expected result. And it seems that Saunders wasn’t done sending messages. Via Michael Lee of the Washington Post:

“Saunders said on Tuesday that the Wizards could see some changes to the rotation when they face Houston on Wednesday…”

Oh, and the coach actually doesn’t seem completely sure that his original message was received, also telling Lee, “Hopefully message delivered, message received.”

Just hopeful. Why? Probably because Flip knows that receiving messages and applying them in practice will only get you to the head of the line at Andray Blatche’s late-night buffet. “Games matter” … is what goes without saying. The progress of the team through this small pocket of resistance will be judged against the Houston Rockets tonight, not on the practice court.

Random Video.

A guy with pants and a sleeveless t-shirt teaches the ‘Gilbert Arenas Scissor Dribble’ (SFW):


“Gilbert Arenas is not going anywhere,” says Ted Leonsis.
[DC Sports Bog]

Of course Ted is going to say this: 1) he doesn’t want to affect Grunfeld’s ability to maneuver a trade … if Grunfeld is still around when Arenas eventually become more “trade-able” (if he ever does); and 2) saying that Arenas isn’t going anywhere now is worth the risk of Leonsis potentially having to go back on his word in the future when he might say something like, “It was in the best interests of all parties to move on.” It’s possible that reason could start to succumb to good business sense. Or not.

While most are wondering what Andray Blatche did to “deserve” getting his shoe pooped in by Gilbert Arenas, I’m noticing the slight dig Gilbert got in on ‘Dray via Chris Mannix’s upcoming story in Sports Illustrated. Arenas said, “You are not going to catch me drinking and driving, or picking up prostitutes,” a couple sentences after a reference to the act of defecation. While you’ll see various Wizards pictured out at local D.C. nightlife establishments, but only one (that we know of) has gotten caught trying to pick up a prostitute.
[DC Sports Bog]

Ted Leonsis recently said via his blog: “If you look at the standings, a 2-3 record would qualify for the playoffs if the playoffs started today. :-) No joke.” (smiley emoticon included by Leonsis)

And that’s if the Wizards would have prevailed in a close game at home against the Cavaliers on Saturday, their actual record is currently 1-4. Deadspin roasted Leonsis a bit on his claim.

The way I see it … it’s good to have a positive outlook, but the reality is that the Wizards are just as much a Cartier Martin desperation three-pointer away from being the only winless team in the NBA. Those are the swings of a young, inconsistent and unfocused bunch.

Andray Blatche has been getting boom-roasted for his tum-tum via late night snacking from just about everyone. Let’s see what Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones has to say about it:

“One of the keys to losing weight is not eating late at night. When you sleep your metabolism slows to a crawl and digesting a lot of calories prior to falling asleep is a sure-fire way to pack on the pounds. Not to mention, when you’re eating at night, odds are it’s not health food. Rare is the person who needs a few quick florets of broccoli to hit the hay.”

Broccoli florets indeed … is probably not a good nickname for Blatche, but here are some that I’ve ‘seen’ on Twitter: Snickers, Jelly Roll, Volume, 7-Day Buffet. Or maybe the Wizznutzz put it best on Twitter:

@wzztnzz: “20+ turnovers tonight: Wiz stat or Andray Blatches midnite snack?”

Best of … Wizards at Knicks

[Michael Lee – Washington Post]

“[Andray Blatche] made his first seven field goal attempts before the Knicks decided to move Stoudemire off of him and started pressuring him with Ronny Turiaf and Wilson Chandler. “It wasn’t like I was doing nothing spectacular. I was coming off pick and rolls, when I rolled up, I took open shots and took them and I made them,” Blatche said. “And throughout the course of the game, they made a adjustments and they stopped that.”

Blatche would later miss his next seven shots and let his frustrations show when he lost his cool some in the second period. JaVale McGee swooped in for an offensive rebound putback, but Blatche got tangled with Knicks reserve Ronny Turiaf. As the headed back to the other end of the court, Blatche shoved Turiaf in the back, picking up a technical foul.”

[Craig Stouffer – Washington Examiner]

“But with Thierry Henry, Spike Lee, Chris Rock and the Beastie Boys’ Adam Horovitz among those in attendance, [John] Wall was unusually frantic, avoiding open jump shots, careening full-bore into offensive fouls, palming the ball, forcing passes in traffic, and leaving his feet with no place to go but back down to the ground. At one point, he did exactly that: jumped as if he was going to shoot, decided in midair to pass, found no acceptable targets and landed on his feet again with the ball still in his hands for a travel.”

Best of … Wizards vs. Cavaliers

[Sean Fagan – Bullets Forever]

“This is a situation that both Wizards fans and the organization will be tracking all year. Is it possible to live with a frontline that features both Blatche and McGee, players who are gifted offensively but take away enough on the defensive end to make their contributions moot. Are the two players too similar in temperament and style to be effective over the long run for the Wizards?”

[Michael Lee – Washington Post]

“It had to be one of the more perplexing scenes of the early part of the new season. But with 6 minutes 22 seconds remaining in a tight game, the Wizards went into the huddle for a timeout after Gilbert Arenas gave them the lead with a three-pointer. The starters assumed seats on the bench, but while Flip Saunders started laying out his designs for the closing stretch of the game, the rap group Cali Swag District entered the court.

For those unfamiliar with Cali Swag District, that’s the group behind the smash hit, “Teach Me How to Dougie,” which John Wall infamously danced to in the Wizards’ home opener on Tuesday. Anyway, as Saunders was talking, several of the players standing couldn’t keep their eyes off the guys grooving on the court. If it hadn’t been such a close game, it may not have felt so out of place and awkward. But Saturday night was just odd.”

A Dunk

If you’re a shot blocker, you’re going to get dunked on. Here’s Wilson Chandler putting a hurting on JaVale McGee:

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