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Wizards vs. Heat: A Screen Shot Revue

Updated: November 30, 2010

The Wizards played well against the Heat in Miami on Monday evening, they just didn’t have enough mustard to truly compete against superior talent. They lost 105-94 in a game that wasn’t exactly as close as the final score indicated, yet the final score also indicated the decent level at which a depleted Washington squad competed for the full 48 minutes. Hey at least the Wizards tried in tying a franchise worst 0-8 start on the road. Here’s a screen shot revue of the game … more to come.

“You’ve heard of the show ‘CSI: Miami’? How about ‘OMG: Miami?”
-Steve Buckhantz, pre-game

Buck and Phil Chenier were impassioned about their Wizards as usual on their first post-Thanksgiving road trip, and we ought to be thankful for that.

Nick Young, featuring a less-smiley game face.

A seated Wall.

Ahhh, Flip Saunders and Mike Miller remembering the good ol’ days with fond faces and hearty laughter.

Lessons to a Gee, who looks to be earning a more solidified future with the Wizards.

Juwan Howard, one leg up, fraternizes with Buckhantz /chilling out.

A Push.

Another Push.

A Scuffle.

Hilton checks out.

Key parts of the scuffle…

  • Nick Young was one of the first to make it over to get Juwan Howard for pushing Armstong. Nick gave Juwan a little bump in his back. In return, the old man put a finger in the whipper-snapper’s face.
  • I can’t totally blame Juwan for not chilling out, because from his angle, he might not have been able to see Armstrong’s extended arm of peace — still doesn’t make what Juwan did right. The punishment of both players seems just according to today’s set standards.

Kirk Hinrich vs. James Jones, another scuffle.

James Jones was d-ing up on Hinrich, real close. What do you do when a player is up on you and a whistle isn’t being blown? You clear space.

Hinrich did, fought for his ground, threw a bow and the ball up high (because Jones was clamped onto his jock), but didn’t connect. Jones took exception. Wanting to send his own message, Jones chucked Hinrich down in the bicep with his forearm/elbow. Kirk then walked right into Jones’ chest, begging him to do something. The only move Jones had was to grab Hinrich’s arms, who then pushed Jones off of him. That was pretty much it.

Don’t take no mess, Kirk.

A proud trio with a proud sense of tradition, desired instant gratification, and honor. Exactly.

The Miami Heat: not sure if they think they’re entitled, but they seem to expect to compete for title … this year. They’ve bought into the hype of what they might do in the post-season when they really need to strive to compete in the regular season. Wizards television analyst Phil Chenier said at one point that people (media, fans), and the team seemed to have a “distorted view of how easy things would be.”

The Heat beat up on the lowly Wizards on Monday night, coasting to a 105-94 victory, but they looked far from complete team. Miami is poor on offense, mostly because Wade and LeBron aren’t trustworthy shooters and the team can’t form its identity on their forays to the hoop. Wade and Bron seemed to turn the ball over the most just trying to pass the ball to each other, displaying far from developed chemistry and minuscule focus to accomplish that.

Some talk about things being better in Miami if Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem were around. Sure, but championship teams have guys who fill in and raise their game. Pin Miami’s problems on a lot of things, just not those two absences.

Although there was some chippiness between Washington and Miami, there was no sideline guitar-playing, showing-up-the-other-team antics from LeBron when Miami built a lead over 20 points with just over six minutes left in the game. No, the expectations on LeBron’s shoulders with two superstar teammates by his side are much heavier a burden than if he were in his home state with a simple supporting cast … and his new team seems worse so far.

But this is what LeBron wanted. What did you want him to do?

In the end, you always got the feeling that despite playing without Al Thornton, Yi Jianlian, John Wall, and an almost scratch of JaVale McGee, the Wizards were still sneaky and capable of busting loose on South Beach, or at least making things interesting, poking a stick at the fragile Miami psyche. Maybe it’s fitting that this Heat team plays near the coast, because that’s mostly what they seem to do.

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