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What Washington Wizards Wear

Updated: November 5, 2010

NBA players like their fashion. With so much disposable income, it’s only natural. So why not ask some of them about their favorite fashion items … and shoes, because it’s gotta be the shoes, especially what shoes they were into growing up.So, watch the video below if you want to find out …

  • Which Wizard has a brand new pair of basketball shoes with his mom’s name on them. (He wore them for the first half on Tuesday, but then changed into his old shoes at halftime because he’s still breaking the mom pair in.)
  • Whose mom bought him a pair of leopard skin Gucci shoes … that he hasn’t worn just quite yet.
  • Which Wizard has a hat collection that’s 300 and counting.
  • Who wore some skinny, tight Wrangler jeans back in the day when he was 13-years old … back in the day being 1996/97.
  • Which Wizard calls his ‘Fruit of the Loom’ underwear his favorite clothing.
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  • shashank8

    wow! the sturdy players seem to get cornered when it comes to the fashion statement,but unlike these players who not only have a perky fashion sense but “wizardo attitude”.

  • shashank8

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  • Originalcontent

    Some players are known as much for their signature running shoes as they are for their basketball skills. All players on a team must wear the same colour shoes in any game. Most NBA players wear high-cut shoes for ankle support. Power players who play inside often wear very sturdy shoes because of the pounding their position take.

  • John Wall’s shoes get released tomorrow for the Knicks game.

  • Donte’

    I see Josh Howard got the Flint 13’s that’s about to come out on “black Friday”

  • Umar Hafeez

    Now a days players and mostly known for their fashion taste and their style so its become natural now a days.

  • Patrik Trimmer

    you got me and my man over here rollin at work with tha “Brett Favre before Brett Favre” keep up the good work. And I know Mme. Fleurat wouldn’t appreciate you excluding the french kid

  • Cynthia

    Basketball is Style..
    Players are Models..
    When a player walks in to the arena,
    they found themselves walking their
    So, like it or not, you can’t separate
    Players and Fashion.. it’s United!
    That’s why we called it UB a.k.a
    United Basketball or United Balls :D

  • almamun

    Looks like the article is about the fashion of the player’s.
    I think it’s a way for those companies advertisement.The player’s are just models they are just advertising the products of their sponsors.