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What Andray Blatche Did To Deserve ‘It’: A Shoe, A Poo, A Story

Updated: November 11, 2010

Plenty of professional athletes pull pranks. Plenty of regular people pull pranks. Gilbert Arenas didn’t invent the prank, he just was, perhaps, the best at it — the most prolific … because he’s a professional athlete.

Arenas’ varied pranks are infamous, and for a recent spell due to a horribly failed prank with guns that wasn’t really a prank, they became blemishes open for all armchair psychologists to analyze to their core, from a distance.

And then there’s pooping in someone’s shoe, an act that added a somber twist to Arenas’ locker room gun affair and his history of egregiousness excused by a franchise. Or in the least, it was Gilbert’s most memorable prank, which went from the punchline of comical stories among those in the know to something that was used to further indict Arenas’ character.

The proper term, kids, is defecation … in verb form: to defecate. And it was first properly used in reference to Arenas and victim, Andray Blatche, by Mike Wise and Michael Lee of the Washington Post in January 2010:

“Former Wizards coach Eddie Jordan and his staff privately intimated they felt undermined by Grunfeld when it came to matters of discipline with Arenas. Arenas, a notorious practical joker, often crossed the line of acceptable decorum. The example often cited was how Arenas once defecated in teammate Andray Blatche’s shoe during Blatche’s rookie season. His behavior often went unchecked and unpunished, said a former team employee on condition of anonymity.”

Early 2010 Internet yuks and blogging gold were the mostly innocent results of the newly divulged information about an act that occurred in 2005/06. And then the story remained relevantly dormant and unmentioned by all parties involved and aware … until recently.

Speaking to the media in the Big Apple after his season debut against the New York Knicks last Friday, Arenas made mention of ‘The Incident: a shoe, a poop, a story,’ which was conveyed by Chris Mannix in Sports Illustrated (quoted via Dan Steinberg’s DC Sports Bog):

“I understand what people think because of the perception of me. They read the funny stuff, like me taking a crap in [teammate] Andray Blatche’s shoes. But nobody is going to ask what Andray did to deserve it. You read about it because that’s when I’m at my goofiest, when I’m around my teammates. I don’t get in trouble outside of this building. You are not going to catch me drinking and driving, or picking up prostitutes. People don’t see what my teammates see, the guy who is in here three times a day working out. That’s the guy they don’t see.”

Why not be that nobody?

It was the last question of the night after the Wizards’ win over the Rockets, yet clearly the first one I’m writing about. Please don’t hold it against me, but the situation called for a back story. Here that story is, what Andray did to deserve ‘it’, straight from the horse’s mouth.

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  • Emmet

    “Those days are over, all the fun days are over…”
    Brought a tear to this Wizards fan’s eyes

  • “Those days are over, all the fun days are over…”

    The most telling line from the video. Breaks my heart a lil.

  • me too …

  • Sad face

  • mac

    I’m a laker fan but I’ve always liked Gil – his backstory of getting overlooked, his fearless nature on the court and just the fact that he’s just very likeable dude. It’s a real pity what happened later with the injuries and the drama. I wish Gil the best and hope he’ll find his way and just be happy.

  • k

    You threw my clothes in the jacuzzi

    So, naturally…

    I’ll poop in your shoe.

    An unoriginal person would think, i’ll throw your shoes in the jacuzzi. A funny person would think, I’ll replace your clothes with a dress or something. Gilbert is neither unoriginal nor funny, he’s just plain crazy.

    I think we can all agree that it’s a good thing Gilbert’s prank days are over.

  • first time writing here, but @k, i dont agree.

    gilbert sparked the NBA with entertainment for a good 2 years or so and this gun charge just seems to have tainted everything else he’s done in the past. like others have said, its sad that those days are over, gil is a cool dude.

  • King

    Yeah, I’ve never been a Wizards fan but you can count me among the people who loved to watch Gil night in ‘n night out. He’s entertaining as hell, and it’s a shame that a bunch of old and ‘holier than thou’ people forced him to stop being who he is…

  • dave

    Sounds like he should have pooed in the shoes of AD & Deshawn, complete the prank trifecta

  • francis

    u gotta face it… the man is hilarious

  • mikereese

    All the haters are going to keep on hating, doesnt matter what else happened. Tilt it however you want it. Brothers do ish to each other.(brotherhood in the locker room) SO WHAT!! BIG DEAL!! Do your thing GIL!!!!

  • Anthony

    Big thanks to Kyle for asking the questions that everyone is dying to ask themselves.

    Magic Johnson was high on both Wall and Arenas going into the season. Hopefully Gil will embrace the young fella and will see more nationally televised games.

  • can we go back to Bullets, please?

    The question nobody will ask is: how do you poop in a shoe anyway? Seriously, it doesn’t seem like the easiest of tasks. Is it a catch and transfer thing, or just bombs away?

  • Never tried a shoe poo, it’s obvisouly a skill Gilbert has perfected along the way, he had to pull the tounge out or something. What size shoe does Blatche wear?

  • With the #1 pick…

    How come no one has admitted how funny this is? I don’t care how old you are, its just funny. Imagine being in the locker room when blatche discovered his payback.

  • Hall, EC

    These guys are Millionaires! Grow-up Already!I can’t believe adult men acting this way? Nothing in the world is funny about this stupid prank.

  • Grant Turgeon

    While immature, this is just hilarious. Honestly, prank wars are the funniest things ever. It’s just impossible to stop. What a dream life: make millions, play basketball, hang with your brothers, and poop in each others shoes.

  • Hmm…I still think that letting your Tootsie rolls go in someone’s shoe is just damn nasty. Gilbert was one of my favorite players and I just think he should concentrate on being the assassin he can be on the court. No faking injuries or no ish like that. Just play ball yo. I’d like to see Hibachi get a ring because for the longest, I have felt he should have at least one title.

  • jemere calhoun

    i think the whole thing is sad really. he made a terrible,stupid mistake and because washington couldn’t deal him anywhere he’s made to be this somber, sullen,sulken dude coming off the bench.