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And The Winners of Wizards-Heat Tickets Are …

Updated: December 8, 2010

A big congrats goes to Jonathan Lee and Jacob Holtz for submitting the winning answers for a recent Wizards-Heat ticket giveaway held by TAI. Each of them will be receiving four tickets for when Miami makes their first visit to Washington on December 18, courtesy of StubHub.

For the contest, I asked people to submit answers to two questions and had other staff members of TAI (John, Rashad and Adam) serve as the judges. Here are the questions:

Question No. 1: Ted Leonsis is big on his 101 Signs of Visible Change, much of which has to do with the game experience of fans. Whether it involves Leonsis’ list, player or coaching personnel, team management, or just about anything, tell TAI what you most want to see changed surrounding the Wizards.

Question No. 2: Remember the mid-90s Washington Bullets promo video, “You The Man”? If not, you can watch it via YouTube here. Seeing as the mid-90s was a very long time ago, give TAI a very brief update (2-3 sentences) on why you are now a Wizards fan.

Here’s the response from Jonathan Lee:

Question No. 1: Having supported the Wizards organization only since the hallowed return to the hardwood of His Airness in 2001, it isn’t fair for me to harp on name reversions, color changes, or other immaterial facets of the organization. What do I want to see changed? The Wizards need to get their swag back. My fondest memories supporting the Wizards come from the three year stretch between 2006 and 2008 when the team was equally entertaining and competitive. Deshawn’s “can’t feel my face” was swag. Gilbert’s buzzer-beating dagger after buzzer-beating dagger was swag. Caron’s unstoppable jab step was swag. ‘Twan’s middle-of-the-lane floater was awkward, but arguably swag-esque because he would hit it every time.

John Wall’s ridiculously viral “Dougie” along with his signature arm-flexing dance move are most definitely swag (idiotic sports radio personalities slamming a talented kid having a little fun *cough Cowherd cough* = not swag). It is my belief that with Wall’s infectious charm and off-the-wall (pun intended) talent, and Gil slowly returning to his mid-2000s form, the Wizards are slowly getting their groove back.

But a rookie and a former-prankster-now-shell-of-himself veteran are not personality enough to create affection out of thin air from fans to players. There is much work to be done if the Wizards are going to become truly watchable again and for fans to really become engaged again.

My solution? Humorous team bonding exercises that endear audiences in the form of more spots like this: 

And an actual double pits-to-chesty dunk in-game. And less playing clothes pin drop with fecal matter and teammates’ shoes.

Question No. 2: My God, I don’t know how I haven’t seen this spot before today, but it is absolute gold. I’m a Wizards fan because watching the awkward and rhythm-less quadrumvirate of Tim Legler, Jim McIlvaine, Rick Price and Brent Price sway to the completely alien cadence of a 90s hip-hop beat for three minutes is entertaining enough that the team’s past decade of underachievement seems almost bearable. Also, Gheorge’s moustache is just sublime.

And from Jacob Holtz:

Question No. 1: All I want to see is the numbers in the W-L columns reversed. I don’t care if all they serve at the Phone Booth is sauerkraut and tofu, with a nice glass of clam juice to wash it down. I don’t care if the urinals don’t have little shelves for my beverage. I don’t care if the mustard and ketchup dispensers are empty, if there’s trash on the ground, or if there are screaming babies. All I care about is that this team gets turned around. When we pull out Ws, everything is better. When it’s all these Ls, then things like ketchup and potty-shelves start seeming like they matter. Just win, baby.

Question No. 2: I’m a Wizards fan because, in the end, DC is a basketball city. MD and the surrounding ‘burbs can have the ‘Skins – the city is about hoops.  And as much as I love going to my old high school’s games, or even going to Terps games, there is nothing – nothing – as exhilarating as watching the world’s greatest athletes play such a beautiful game.  I’ve been a fan since I can remember (roughly since that commercial), and if I’ve stuck with them through Lorenzo Williams, Juwan Howard, Ike Austin, and Otis Thorpe, then yes, please, sign me up for some John Wall, Epic Vale, and the Reincarnation of Gilbert Arenas.

Honorable Mention Submission:

From Chris Deutsch:

Question 1: Whether or not they change their uniforms, there is no doubt that they MUST do away with that creepy anteater/elephant from the cantina scene in Star Wars/god-awful mascot pathetically named G-Wiz. Has Leonsis inquired as to the whereabouts of the Capitol City Goofball? The CCG would be a vast improvement.

Question 2: I have casually followed the Wizards for my entire life, but in the last few years, the Arenas years, I have edged closer to becoming a fan. The addition of John Wall and the new ownership of Ted Leonsis, has pushed me over the edge. The Wizards are an organization on the rise and as a life-long Washingtonian I want to be in on the ground floor. Also, I’m consistently tickled by the zany antics of that delightful mascot.

Congrats to both Jonathan and Jacob, and thanks for all those who submitted entries.

Stay tuned because Truth About will soon be giving away tickets to the Wizards-Lakers game in Washington on Tuesday, December 14 that will be located on the Lexus Suite Level in Section 308 (again, courtesy of StubHub).

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