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Considering An Andray Blatche Trade

Updated: December 29, 2010

By now you’re aware of a report out of HoopsWorld that the Wizards are investigating trades involving Andray Blatche and/or JaVale McGee. Alex Kennedy writes:

“After suspending Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee one game for an altercation outside of a club, league sources say that the Washington Wizards will consider trading either Blatche or McGee in the coming weeks. The team will gauge interest around the league and after shopping the players, decision whether or not a trade would be the right move for the franchise.”

Of course, several outlets took this to mean such maneuvers by the Wizards were spawned as a result of the fight between Blatche and McGee (thanks to Kennedy’s wording). “In wake of fight, Wizards to gauge trade value of Blatche, McGee,” went one headline from Pro Basketball Talk; “Washington Wizards Shopping Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee After Altercation,” went another from the infamous Bleacher Report.

In the interest of getting the facts closer to what seems to be right, it’s worth mentioning that on December 24, ESPN’s Marc Stein Tweeted:

“Even before McGee tiff via @MrMichaelLee, Wiz said to be disappointed w/Blatche since extension and have discussed trying to trade Blatche”

So, it’s highly doubtful that the fight actually led to trade rumors involving both of them, but it sure could have had an influence. The main factor likely revolves around Blatche and McGee not being a good fit playing next to each other (neither possesses the true post presence the Wizards desperately need), and the fact that McGee has been slow to take his development seriously along with Blatche’s penchant for lazy jumpers and even lazier defense.

When asked who should the Wizards trade/get rid of,’s David Thorpe wrote in a recent chat session:

“Blatche is so talented, but he’s not the best guy to have setting the culture next to Wall.”

Of course, with Ernie Grunfeld signing Blatche in an extension this past summer, essentially where after this season he will still be owed just under $30 million over the next four seasons (which is still reasonable considering his talent potential), is there exactly a trade market for Blatche? Thorpe writes in response to that very question from someone in his chat:

“With a playoff team in need of a starting 4, yes I think so. Has to be a strong culture around him.”

So you’re saying there’s a chance …? Well yes, there’s always a chance.

The Wizards would be wise to trade Blatche and not McGee — at least JaVale seems to hustle more and the likelihood of him putting it together seems a lot higher right now. Problem is, with a salary of $2.46 million next season and a qualifying offer of $3.49 million for the following season (2012-13), McGee is the more movable piece.

As expected, the Washington Post’s Michael Lee has reported today that the Wizards are shopping Blatche, but not McGee.

So, the interest of making the preferred move, trading Blatche, some of the TAI gang and I fired up with ESPN Trade Machine for options. And please, don’t get your panties, boxers, briefs or thongs in a ruffle over any of these options, they are just for play/silly as none of us are NBA GMs (and neither are you). Here I go …

Blatche and Josh Howard to the Bobcats for Gerald Wallace

  • Wallace makes $10.5 million next season and has a player option for $10.5 million the following season. PRO: He’s sort of a malcontent, but I think his defense and ability to run the floor would mesh well with team ideals. CON: That’s probably too much money to pay Wallace for comfort, especially when Howard could be worth a draft pick for a playoff team.

Blatche and Kevin Seraphin to the Kings for Demarcus Cousins and Francisco Garcia

  • Sure, the Kings say they aren’t trading Cousins. And sure, he’s seemingly more of a knuckle-head than Blatche. But he’s big-body talent … and maybe John Wall can keep his boy on the straight and narrow. With Blatche and Seraphin, the 17th pick in last year’s draft, the Kings certainly wouldn’t be able to complain about the returning talent that much (okay, they would).

Blatche, Kevin Seraphin & Yi Jianlian for Chris Kaman, Craig Smith & a first round pick (perhaps protected to a degree)

  • Sure, the Clippers fan says ‘hell no’ … but they’ve got so many young players, what are they going to do with another draft pick anyway (especially considering who they’d be receiving)? Kaman’s $12.7 million salary comes off the books next season, he and Smith lumber around Washington as big bodies and Leonsis gets a precious high draft pick while the Clippers get more talent and take on less salary. Who knows, maybe Blatche & Blake Griffin can form a nice 4/5 combo (contain your laughter).

Blatche to the Rockets for Jared Jeffries, straight up

  • Sounds painful, but why not (but not really) … this move would simply be a salary dump, and I doubt the Wizards could get a pick out of it (but Houston does have some extra picks from the Knicks).

From TAI’s Rashad Mobley:

Blatche, Thornton & Serpahin to the 76ers for Andre Igoudala.

This trade frees the Sixers from the malaise that is Andre Iguodala, and it allows Evan Turner (and maybe even Lou Williams) to bloom in his absence.  Al Thornton is a player who is a bit more comfortable in his skin at the “3” and the pressure to be “The Man” won’t weigh him down the way it weighed down Iggy.  Blatche gives the Sixers an inside/out presence who is younger than Brand, and more prolific on offense than Mareese Speights.

For the Wizards, Iguodala can either play the “2” with Wall or the “3” with Wall and Hinrich, and he is a tremendous upgrade on defense.  He also does not have to worry about trying to win every game as he did in Philly. He can play off Wall and do the little things.

The cons? For Philly, Blatche would go from one young team to another with a coach (Doug Collins) who will stay on him way more than Flip Saunders. And Thornton is a solid small forward who still seems to disappear and go into a funk for games at a time.  For the Wizards, Iguodala’s presence might take minutes away from Nick Young and Josh Howard–two players who are starting to play better as of late.  That could disrupt team chemistry big time. Then again, what chemistry?

Carl Landry to the Wizards, Jason Thompson to the Magic, Blatche & Quentin Richardson to the Kings.

Pros: The Wizards get a hardworking forward in Carl Landry who is the opposite of Blatche.  He doesn’t score quite as much, but he plays hard on both ends of the floor.  The Magic get a legit backup center in Jason Thompson who is a threat to score and rebound, and he’s a bit more polished than Dwight Howard’s former backup, Marcin Gortat.  The Kings get a 3-point shooter in Quentin Richardson, and yet another low-post threat in Blatche to help them tread water while Cousins figures it all out.

Cons: Carl Landry has put up 20/10 numbers here and there, but he’s realistically more of a 12 and 8 guy, and that’s a dropoff from Blatche’s production at that same spot.  For Orlando, Jason Thompson is not particularly good on the defensive end of the floor, which would be fine, if the Magic had someone else with size to pick up the slack, and they don’t.  For the Kings, Richardson is still owned too much money. Plus, the prospect of Blatche and Cousins playing (and partying) together is just plain scary. But what is there to do in Sacramento anyway? Unless … is Chris Webber’s bar/restaurant still there?

From TAI’s Adam McGinnis:

For record, I would not trade Blatche. My recommendation would be for the franchise to change management and let a new crew (ahem, Kevin Pritchard) decide which blocks to build with, because this staff, along with its poor track record, could be making emotional decisions at this point with Blatche. The Wizards fan base was tortured when the team gave Chris Webber away and should be leery of a similar deal. Who unnecessarily extends a player while he’s injured and then trades him before a third of the season is complete? I do not understand the philosophy or thought process at all. But since we are playing trade game, here is my deal:

Blatche & Al Thornton to the Warriors for Brandan Wright and Charlie Bell.

Blatche to Golden State would give them another scoring option on the block who has a very affordable contract. Wright could get a fresh start in D.C. and move past his lottery pick disappointment in Oakland. Bell could provide the Wizards with a decent perimeter defender and take some pressure off Kirk Hinrich. Thornton gives Golden State an athletic wing that could potentially come off the books after this season. Getting rid of Blatche in this move would provide the Wizard salary cap relief and give Wright a low-risk tryout in Washington. Bell’s contract could be valuable next season as salary dump.

The downside would be the Wizards giving up an affordable contract for cap relief while not really making up for Blatche’s talent. Golden State also might not want Blatche when they already have David Lee.

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  • szr

    Blatch for Andre Iguodala? Oh please oh please oh please let this dream come true! Iggy is exactly the type of player the Wizards need – tough defender, efficient scorer, above-average rebounder at his position and good assist-to-turnover ratio.

    And yes, I do recognize that this move leaves Washington with fewer big men. But I would do it in a heartbeat.

    A trade for Cousins would be interesting, but man, Cousins has seemed like a bust so far. But at least he would be a cheaper salary.

  • szr

    How about a trade with Portland for Marcus Camby? We throw in perennial underperformers like Yi Jianlian and Al Thorton!

    Camby could anchor the bigs like Kirk Hinrich anchors the guards.

  • yeahdionnel
  • Sharon

    This team will never go anywhere. From the beginning of the season all the way through the draft, almost EVERY player on the team, posters on various sites want them traded. What you need is a coach and a system that can instill confidence in a player and demand the utmost from the player when it comes to on court and off court behavior. The Wizards locker room has always been loosey goosey. It is okay to have fun with one another but not when you are constantly losing. I like how Randy Wittman told Blatche to get his head out his butt and keep shooting. He gave Blatche the confidence to get back out there and make it do what it do and he responded. I also like how Wittman praised McGee. All Flip seems to do is bash the players in the press. Never any praises for anyone but John Wall. True Wittman stayed with the game plan but his delivery was more effective than Flip and I am not sure that we would have won had Flip coached. Just my opinion, but I think the coach is the problem. Basketball is about confidence and he scares the crap out of those young kids. They are afraid to play because they know if they make a mistake Flip is going to pull them. Look at how the interim coach for the Bobcats have them playing. Same players, different philosphy. Say what you want, it makes a difference when the players respect you not fear you. Just my humble opionion.


    GO WIZ!

  • Sharon

    Also, I would not trade Blatche but I would let the WHOLE team know that this foolishness WILL NOT be tolerated and that there will be hell to pay for those who don’t comply! People forget, these players read the papers and see what the “fans” say about them. Hell, they booed Blatche when he had a poor night(it happens). WTF?? Why would you boo your player. Hell, like all of the rest who got out of this place, maybe Blatche wants the heck out of dodge too. Not sure if I were a player, that I would want to play here either. The fans sure aren’t that loyal.

  • Eric

    blache makes me nervous everytime he receives a pass or tries to drive to the lane (or perimeter jumper attempt)…JaVale can sell tickets, and his buckets are all highlight-youtube ready…I like any of these trades, honestly, expecially Carl Landry (guy works hard!) and the Chris Kamen deal…

  • SmileyFaceGirl

    I would like to have seen Avery coach here. I like the way Wittman coached last night.. I could her him saying “come on guys play basketball …it was like magically seeing the energy and confidence emanate in the team spirit. Though I wouldn’t go as far to say that he is the reason they won. Flip is a good coach, although I think he excels with a veteran team. I agree and resent how highlights some of the players flaws or lack skill in certain areas but then some love that “tell it like it is factor.”

  • Sharon

    I don’t think is a bad coach, I just don’t think he gets the best out of these players and for some reason, some of the players just don’t seem to respond well to his coaching. This is a young team and he doesn’t seem to instill confidence in these guys. Not sure why but that is just the way it seems to me.

  • Sharon

    I don’t think Flip is a bad coach, I just don’t think he gets the best out of these players and for some reason, some of the players just don’t seem to respond well to his coaching. This is a young team and he doesn’t seem to instill confidence in these guys. I heard RWittman tell them at one point, come on guys,just play your game.

  • Armand

    I would rather not trade any of them. Just go with a Wall-Young-Thornton-Blatche-McGee lineup. That might suck this year, but that will only give them a high draft pick which they can use to fill that SF position.
    It’s not everyday that you can get a pair of 7-footers who are a good offense/defense combo. Give them a couple more years to mature.

  • SeanTsGhost

    Blatche, Al, and Seraphin for Iguodala? Please smack yourself…

  • anonymous

    Fantasy trades when you know nothing about the other team and want to violate them sexually are ridiculous.

    Louis Williams has no where left to blossom, but please continue to think Andray Bltache has trade value. He has less value than cousins

  • wow

    Carl Landry? Hell no.


  • Well, in all honesty, the Jared Jeffries option was doled out with heavy doses of facetiousness ….

    Or maybe I was just working under the assumption that Blatche would have another absurd transgression before the trade deadline.

    Who knows.

  • Airware

    The starting line-up should be Wall,young,Lewis,Blatche,Mcgee for the rest of the year. Hinrich plays hard and I like him but for some reason it just seems that he doesn’t fit and he makes 1 bador 2 bad decisions every game bu it is always t the worst possible time. About the trade I think it is not that bad of an idea to trade blatche I can’t so who for that’s up to the team but I think they should give it some seriopus consideration.

  • 20kMackitHack

    First off let us all have a moment of silence…… and pray for a win @ Indy!
    @Kyle- Cousins/Garcia trade would be awesome but I have a feeling that won’ happen! Maybe if we throw some picks in there????

  • tomhimself

    blatche is awful with a long contract. getting jared jeffries expiring back would be amazing for you Wiz fans but that would never happen.

    matter of fact none of those trades wouldever happen because blatche is that bad

  • TUT

    You people are delusional. Blatche sucks and I’m sure every GM realizes that. His contract only makes his value even worse. That you think there’s even a .01% chance you could trade him for Iggy or Cousins is laughable.

    Blatche also seems like a cancer so I don’t know why any good team would want him.


    What’s with Blatche and an attitude? The guy is being hung out to dry over an episode from a year ago where he was accused of refusing to re-enter a game and, although some “analysts” persist in repeating their inaccurate reporting, that accusation was refuted. The guy was in great shape when he broke his foot during the summer (ask Ted L.). The recovery prevented him from maintaining his conditioning. He subsequently injured his hip. That has yet to heal 100%. He is playing through a series of injuries and trying to get back to 100%. He is struggling with an offense that puts him 20-25 feet from the basket, and yet expects him to score from there. If you want to be a critic, watch the games. Isolating on a four-frame, 1-second video sequence where an individual appears to not move his feet and then proclaiming that that is proof that he doesn’t play defense is exactly the type of BS that I would expect from someone who has only been involved in the game from the periphery. Blatche’s responsibility on that play was to make certain that the man he was watching didn’t keep the ball and have an open 10 footer. The responsibility for defending the basket (if Lewis couldn’t keep up…which he didn’t) was on the weak-side defender…in this case JaVale, who did a good job. You folks aren’t reporting; you are throwing mud.