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Friday Night Pictures: When Portland Came To Washington

Updated: December 7, 2010

[Last Friday night’s win versus the Portland Trailblazers, in pictures. -KW]

So JaVale McGee received a pretty sweet half-court alley-oop from Gilbert Arenas, let’s watch the video:

Now let’s check what I saw from where I was located (in GIF form), which certainly seems better than Sean Marks’ perspective. Then again, he’s making NBA money.

More Pictures from the Phone Booth Floor:

[click on images to enlarge]

Marcus Camby arbitrarily yells into the night.

Maybe he was trying to claim the court as his territory or something. Intuition tells me he does this instead of peeing on the hardwood to mark his ground.

The Art of Rebounding with JaVale McGee.

Kirk Hinrich doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into.

When you sit on the baseline to take photos, you often run into situations like this, when the ref gets in the way of a good shot.

I can’t wait until the day when referees call a game while being suspended in the air, moving about using jet-propelled zip lines.

Screw the ‘Dougie’, Hilton Armstrong has a new dance.

Worth noting that Armstrong dunked that ball before dancing.

International relations of some sort.

I neglected to make mention of the following event in my previous post on the lumps John Wall is taking

Early in the second quarter, the Blazers turned the ball over and it ended up in Wall’s hands with no one in front of him. He hesitated a bit to size up the basket for a dunk, a monster one that would impress fans, and that moment allowed defensive specialist Nicolas Batum to catch up with John and come ever so close to blocking his shot. A legit foul was called on Batum, and Wall made both free-throws, but no one, NO ONE, should catch John Wall like that. It should have been two easy points and ball the other way.

This is a pretty horrible looking shot by JaVale McGee …

… but of course it went in, you know — if you look closely, Wizards assistant Randy Wittman is giving his ‘OMG’ face in the background … more on Wittman to come.

This was Gilbert Arenas’ reaction after McGee tried a different crazy shot against a double-team.

And of course, Joel Pryzbilla bailed McGee out with a foul. WHY ARE YOU ENCOURAGING HIM JOEL?!?

Gilbert Arenas, playing 2-guard and curling tight off what is believed to be an Andray Blatche screen.

Wall glides past the competition.

Quite a unique shot attempt.

After screaming to the air before the game, Camby gets some special treatment at halftime.

After McGee inexplicably left LaMarcus Aldridge free for a dunk early in the third quarter, Randy Wittman, usually appearing to be the more vocal, passionate, ‘screaming at players’ assistant coach, simply buried his face in his hands for a couple minutes that seemed like an eternity.

Bench expressions from Sam Cassell and Arenas also help tell the story. Even though the Wizards went on an entire 4-0 run over the first four minutes of the third, Aldridge’s dunk put Portland’s lead at 10, 48-38. Things were not looking good for a Wizards team that scored just 38 points in the game’s first 28 minutes. Thus, Wittman proceeded to look like a lost soul on the bench, not knowing the direction of his life. Well, lo and behold, the Wizards went on a 19-8 run to end the third, took a lead heading into the fourth, and won the game. Lucky them.

Pretty sweet basketball watching gathering here.

Referee Courtney Kirkland, the guy who canceled Andray Blatche’s technical foul, banters with Miles Rawls, commissioner of the Goodman League at D.C.’s Barry Farms, during a timeout.


Laters, from the Wizards Girls.

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