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About Those Gilbert Arenas To Orlando Trade Rumors

Updated: December 18, 2010

Two initial thoughts upon hearing “strong” Gilbert Arenas trade rumors (via: Yahoo!Orlando Pinstriped PostWashington Post):

1) So what? If he’s traded, he’s traded. If he’s not, he’s not. Arenas has had a colorful past in D.C. that will always be remembered, mostly good … but it wouldn’t be colorful unless there’s some bad, and that will be remembered too.

Gilbert has come back relatively quietly this season (aside from emo acts, the fake knee injury, or shoe poop stories). Whether truly humbled, who knows, but he’s at least playing the part. The struggle with whether he should stay or go should now be released, regardless of if the rumors become true or not. People will surely struggle with how to remember him, many will dramatically paint broad pictures with broad brushes … just remember him.

It reminds me of a fight I once had with my girlfriend. It got pretty heated, and in a dead serious moment she looked up at me and said, “I hate to get all Mike Miller on you, but it is what it is.” And then the fight was pretty much over. I cracked up because she had the perfect way to break the tension, and get my attention, rending the conflict silly in the big picture. Then we moved on.

Otherwise, I know everyone would’ve liked to have that 2009 fifth overall pick and Ricky Rubio or Stephen Curry, but without Mike Miller, we wouldn’t have been able to add the absurdity of a repeated sports cliche as a way of moving on into the lexicon of this basketball franchise’s history and beyond. Thanks Mike Miller, thanks a lot.

2) Sounds like Orlando is taking to a lot of teams. Maybe Washington’s offer won’t be the best and Arenas will end up staying put. In that case, ignore what I wrote above, or at least file it away somewhere.


For the hell of it, since playing hypothetical GM is fun, let’s fire up the ESPN Trade Machine


Vince Carter (making $17.5 million this year, unguaranteed for next season — Wizards would likely buy Carter out, save a buck, let him go to the Knicks, screw up their chemistry)

Marcin Gortat (sure, he has 3-years, $21-plus million left on his contract after this year, but he’s the type of physical big body the Wizards need)

Jameer Nelson (essentially two more years, $15.6 million left with a player option in that second year (2012-13), but a point guard who can shoot … something the Wizards also need, considering who else I have Orlando receiving)

Mickael Pietrus (a player option for $5.3 million for next season … who knows what that means to him in a potential lockout environment, but not terrible for the Wizards since he’s a good player and defender at the wing)

A first round draft pick.


Gilbert Arenas (3-years, $62.4 million left)

Kirk Hinrich ($8 million left after this season, which is less than the $9 million he’s making this season)

Josh Howard (expiring contract, $3 million base with incentives)

Yi Jianlian (making $4 million this season, can be an expiring contract via the qualifying offer)

It works in the ESPN Trade Machine, and that means absolutely nothing. I’d like to think I’d pull the trigger on this trade, but I’m clearly not thinking of all the angles, and likely am biased toward the Wizards (even though I think it’s fair … if Orlando really wants to take a risk and shake things up).


  • Some Magic fan is saying hell no right now.
  • Some Wizards fan is saying hell no right now.
  • Orlando is receiving close to $3 million less in his scenario, but I’m sure they’ll want to save more money if possible … probably involve one of those simultaneous trades with a capologist consultant.
  • Additional salary info: Sham Sports
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