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Josh McRoberts Gets Dirty With John Wall

Updated: December 30, 2010

It was late in Wednesday night’s Wizards win over the Indiana Pacers. John Wall had just used his all too familiar quickness to dart past Darren Collison and then shuttle the ball to Nick Young in the far left corner for a three-pointer that put the Wizards up 100-84 with 2:23 left in the game. But in the process, Wall took a hard tumble to the floor — thanks to some Pacer I assumed at the time — I just remember Wall’s reaction. He flipped the referee an incredulous look, searching for a reason why he didn’t blow the whistle.

The next thing I knew, after a whistle had blown for another reason on the other end of the court (Andray Blatche fouled Tyler Hansbrough while shooting), Wall was in Josh McRoberts’ face, directly in front of where I sat on the baseline taking photos.

Why was he so angry? Why was he getting in the grill of a dude six inches taller and 45 pounds heavier? It had clearly had something to do with Wall’s crash to the hardwood on the opposite baseline. The referees quickly broke up the bout of chest bumping and words and assessed Wall with a technical foul. But his emotion wouldn’t let it go; he looked and gestured toward McRoberts and the Pacers’ bench as the two teams went into a timeout. Wall’s teammates and coaches had to restrain him. Cooler heads ultimately prevailed, and the Wizards held off the Pacers in that last stretch of the game. Let’s go to the video to see exactly what happened…

Looks like a dirty elbow/forearm to me. Sure, these things happen in the NBA … be a man, be tough, and take it. I suppose that a similar move from someone such as, say, Kevin Garnett, might have been handled differently by Wall … through respect for Garnett on multiple levels. But when it’s a Duke Blue Devil doing dirty deeds to a Kentucky Wildcat? A statement had to be made. Wall didn’t take it sitting down, and he probably shouldn’t have. But he also should learn to keep his emotions in check. What if the Wizards were only up by three points instead of 16? It would have been a different type of game changer.

Bigger picture … Wall has heart and emotion, and he’s not going to back down in any regard. And that’s a good thing.

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  • Hannah

    Its refreshing to see a talented young player like Wall show some emotion. Guys, hes young..he’ll learn and devolop some–give the guy a break.

  • Torrell

    I actually like the fact that he was fired up about the incident.Somebody on the Wizards has to show some heart.

    He’s the leader that the Wizards have been waiting on.Love you Gilbert…but you weren’t a leader.

  • Guy him a break?

    I think I’m in complete agreement with you here Hannah .. so, I’m not sure if I wasn’t giving Wall a break.

  • That. Was. Nothing.

  • SmileyFaceGirl

    I loved it. Lets Faceit our big men are soft. Not wall, message sent! He will be respected in the league.

  • rfzonadc

    Not only did I love Wall’s reaction, but I loved the way he played after this. He turned into this cocky asshole on the court, hopping and skipping his swag all over the place. Rewatch the end to see what i’m talking about..

  • John Wall Fever

    how was that nothing, bart? Dude threw a hockey check after the pass. Loved john’s reaction, and how he continued to keep the fire going even after the refs pulled them apart. His game last night was great.

  • Hey John, I was just flashing back to a point guard/power forward mini-brawl: Andre Miller taking two shots to the back from Blake Griffin and then getting revenge with a middle-linebacker assault.

    THAT. Was. Something.

    This was cool, though.

  • John Wall Fever

    By the way, good looks on introducing us to The Five One. Was looking for some new music and these guys are great! Liking the videos with music you have been posting lately.

  • Johnny

    McRoberts reaction — laughter — was appropriate. Guys lean like that to get a charge or bump out the trailer on a pick 30 times a half. It’s fine if Wall wants to get upset, and I don’t mind if you laud him for it, but to call that a dirty play? That’s an unwarranted attack on McRoberts.

  • Look, it was a “lot” … but it also wasn’t “nothing”

    It wasn’t an undercut in the air or going for a head instead of the ball ….. but it was something a bit extra … and check the next post where McRoberts talked about it … he knew what he was doing.

  • 49er

    I liked Wall’s reaction to the minor cheap shot from McRobert’s. We need some passion and fire. It would have made me even happier if two or three teammates would have jumped in McRoberts grill. This team need more of a “you go we go” mentality!!

  • Bullets70s

    We should have immediately put in Seraphin just long enough to elbow Roberts to the ribs under the hoop. Put Roberts on his back, then put Seraphin back on the bench.

    You don’t allow a big to hurt your star rookie point guard like that and get away with it.